Marian L. Neuhouser, PhD, RD

Marian L. Neuhouser, PhD, RD

Member, Cancer Prevention Program
Public Health Sciences Division


University of California, 1980, BS (Community Nutrition)
University of Washington, 1996, PhD (Nutritional Sciences)

Research Focus

Nutritional epidemiology, methods to improve diet and physical activity assessment, diet and physical activity in relation to energy balance, nutritional status and cancer risk. Lifestyle factors related to breast and prostate cancer prevention and survivorship.

Additional Projects

  • The Carbohydrate and Related Biomarkers (CARB) Study - Project 4 of Seattle TREC Center 
  • Postprandial Glycemic Response to 4-Week Low and High Glycemic Load Diets
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor Axis and Insulin Resistance in the PCPT - Project 3 of the "Biology of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial"

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(206) 667-4797
(206) 667-7850
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Mail Stop M4-B402

For questions or additional information:
DeAnna Basques-Jellison, MPH
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