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Project Violet

About Us

Inspired by Kids, Powered by People Like You

Violet was a feisty 11-year-old with red hair who, before dying of brainstem cancer, asked that her brain be donated to science. Inspired by that gift, a team of Fred Hutch scientists is developing breakthrough treatments with one goal: to create a new class of drugs that effectively cures diseases that are currently considered incurable. Project Violet researchers already have had one big success: a "molecular flashlight" called Tumor Paint, derived from scorpion venom, which chemically adheres to cancer cells and causes them to light up.

The Science

Guided by Nature

From sunflowers to scorpions, the Project Violet team researches natural defenses of plants and animals to develop new anti-cancer compounds called optides that are engineered to attack cancer cells without harming healthy cells around them.


Citizen Science

Project Violet would not be possible without the support of “citizen scientists” who take up the mantle to help further our research.  The stories of Violet, Anjuli, Max and Molly inspire us and keep the mission going. 

Get Involved

Ways to Help

There are many ways to support our important research. Giving to the Project Violet Obliteride team or attending Pocket Full of Hope for an evening of celebration are just a fews ways you can get involved.


From Lab to Classroom

Project Violet is a "citizen science" project, and we want to include students as citizens who can get involved as well by diving into the learning process about cancer, research, science and exploration.

Leadership and Faculty

Meet the Team

We identify and advance therapeutics into clinical trials for children with brain cancer, with increasing focus on types of brain tumors that are uncommon and have the greatest need for translational research.


Help Fuel Our Research

When you give to Project Violet, you help fund the important research to save lives and cure disease. Your gift, in any amount, makes a difference.

News / Events

What’s New

From news around the world and upcoming events, read about, listen to and watch how Project Violet's innovative research program is changing the way disease is treated.