Cord Blood Program

Cord Blood Program


Improving Outcomes

We are working toward a better understanding of how cord blood cells engraft (take hold in a patient), improving conditioning regimens, and developing standards of care for infection prevention.


Developing Revolutionary Techniques

Using a method we developed to multiply (“expand”) cord blood cells, we are creating opportunities for using these cells as a bridge therapy of infection-fighting cells to improve patients’ transplant survival and reduce infection risk during chemotherapy.

Treatment Options

Find a Clinical Trial

We have a number of cord blood trials currently enrolling for transplantation and supportive care for chemotherapy.

Our Team


The laboratory and clinical research components of our team are working together collaborating with our colleagues across Fred Hutch to improve outcomes for cord blood transplant recipients and develop innovative new therapies.

Cord Blood

How It Works

Cord blood is found in the placenta and umbilical cords of newborn babies.  The cells are collected after childbirth and the collection is of no harm to the mother or baby.