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Basic scientists answer fundamental biological questions and produce new insights on the basic biology of life processes and cancer development.  Our faculty include structural, genetic, molecular, cellular, developmental and evolutionary biology investigators working in diverse areas related to all aspects of biology.  

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Promotional Seminar - Jihong Bai

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Basic science discoveries are the foundation for understanding the causes of and developing the treatments for human disease.  Our varied research interests have led to a number of significant discoveries.


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Current Biology Series

Features weekly seminars with presentations by Hutch and outside scientists to share the latest developments and recent research.

  • Dec 8    Juan Bonifacino,  (Bai)
  • Dec 13  Angelika Amon,  (Hatch)

Scientific Publications

Current Publications

Read Fred Hutch scientific publications involving basic sciences researchers and their research findings and discoveries.

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  • Dec 1    Virus Group (Bloom/Overbaugh)
  • Dec 8    Fly Club (UW)
  • Dec 8   Seattle Mitosis

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We are seeking outstanding scientists interested in conducting cutting-edge research into fundamental biological questions.  We also sponsor talented graduate students or recent graduates.