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Seminars and Meetings

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Retrovirus Meeting
Kate Williams (Overbaugh)
Thursday, January 08
Pelton Auditorium

Seattle Mitosis Group
Davis Lab
Thursday, January 08
Hutch: B1-072/074

Friday Evening Seminar
Jennifer Cech (Peichel)
“Searching for the centromere sequence in threespine stickleback fish”

Toshi Taniguchi (Taniguchi)
“A novel cellular pathway that connects the microRNA biogenesis machinery,

Friday, January 09
Pelton Auditorium

Division News

Dr. Olsen Awarded a Junior Faculty Support Grant in Studying the Basic Biology of Aging

Basic Sciences junior faculty member Dr. Carissa Perez Olsen has been granted the University of Washington's Junior Faculty Support in the Basic Biology of Aging award to study her project titled "Understanding the Role of Plasmalogens in Membrane and Organismal Aging"
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Jackie Lang won the first place for a graduate research talk at the 2014 AISES meeting

Career Opportunity

Junior and Senior Faculty Members
The division of Basic Sciences is seeking applicants for available faculty member positions. For more info, please click here.

Latest Publications

Bogenschutz NL, Rodriguez J, Tsukiyama T. (2014). Initiation of DNA replication from non-canonical sites on an origin-depleted chromosome. PLoS One, 9(12), e114545.
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Miller AC, Voelker LH, Shah AN, Moens CB. (2014). Neurobeachin Is Required Postsynaptically for Electrical and Chemical Synapse Formation. Curr Biol.
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Ramachandran S, Zentner GE, Henikoff S. (2014). Asymmetric nucleosomes flank promoters in the budding yeast genome. Genome Res.
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Congratulations to our recent graduates!

These graduate students recently obtained their Ph.D.:

  • Benjamin Ross (Malik Lab)
  • Kristina Krassovsky (MCB)
  • Christopher Weber (MCB)