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Friday Evening Seminar

Haritha Mathsyaraja (Eisenman)
“A CSF1 Driven microRNA Signature in Macrophages Promotes
 Metastatic Tumor Progression”

Cecilia Moens (Moens)

“Pointing the Way: Control of Directed Neuron Migration by the

Planar Cell Polarity Pathway” 

Friday, November 21
Pelton Auditorium



Current Biology Seminar
Jennifer Zallen (Cooper)
"Shaping the embryo: Cellular dynamics in development"

Monday, November 24
Pelton Auditorium

Division News

Dr. Olsen Awarded a Junior Faculty Support Grant in Studying the Basic Biology of Aging

Basic Sciences junior faculty member Dr. Carissa Perez Olsen has been granted the University of Washington's Junior Faculty Support in the Basic Biology of Aging award to study her project titled "Understanding the Role of Plasmalogens in Membrane and Organismal Aging"
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Erica Hildebrand wins 4th place in the poster contest at the Genetics Society of America Yeast Genetics Meeting

The 2014 Yeast Genetics Meeting took place July 29 – August 3, 2014 at the University of Washington, Seattle. This is the premier meeting for students, postdoctoral fellows, research staff and principal investigators studying various aspects of eukaryotic biology in yeast.

Her poster was titled Regulation of centromeric nucleosome localization in budding yeast. It described her project to determine the genome-wide mislocalization pattern of the centromeric histone variant Cse4 when Psh1, the ubiquitin ligase that normally controls Cse4 levels, is deleted. She compared the Cse4 mislocalization pattern to other genomic features and found that Cse4 is mislocalized to intergenic regions, and that there is an association between genes that have upstream mislocalized Cse4 and that have decreased transcript levels compared to the WT strain. Regions of Cse4 mislocalization are also enriched for the histone variant H2A.Z, so Hildebrand is currently trying to determine how this contributes to the regulation of Cse4 localization.

Career Opportunity

Junior and Senior Faculty Members
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Latest Publications

Alcid EA1, Tsukiyama T. (2014) ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling shapes the long noncoding RNA landscape. Genes Dev. 28(21):2348-60. doi: 10.1101/gad.250902.114.
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Dvinge H, Ries RE, Ilagan JO, Stirewalt DL, Meshinchi S, Bradley RK. (2014). Sample processing obscures cancer-specific alterations in leukemic transcriptomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
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Iwata A, Morrison ML, Roth MB. (2014). Iodide protects heart tissue from reperfusion injury. PLoS One, 9(11), e112458.
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Congratulations to our recent graduates!

These graduate students recently obtained their Ph.D.:

  • Benjamin Ross (Malik Lab)
  • Kristina Krassovsky (MCB)
  • Christopher Weber (MCB)