Special Event Volunteers

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Special Event Volunteers

Want to get to know people, put on a fun event and help Fred Hutch at the same time? You can do just that — by joining a guild, event committee or serving as a fundraising volunteer.

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Guilds and Event Committee Volunteers

Guilds and event committees are groups of volunteers who support the Hutch by raising funds for cancer research or providing services for patients and their family members.

Guilds or event committees can revolve around particular interests, neighborhoods, communities or seasons. As ambassadors of the Center, guild members and event committee volunteers organize events to raise funds for research and provide services for Center patients and their families.

Current guilds and event committee volunteer opportunities:

       Brosio-Hamasaki-Stein Guild
       Climb to Fight Cancer Committee  
       Friends of the Hutch
       Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild
       Hutch Award Luncheon Planning Committee
       IN for the Hutch Committee
       Magnolia Guild
       Olympia Guild

Fundraising Events Volunteers

Numerous Hutch fundraising events are held throughout the year to raise funds to benefit our extensive cancer research programs. Though many of these events are supported by a guild or event committee, often the volunteer need greatly surpasses the number of members in the guild or committee planning the event. In such instances, special events volunteers serve on an "event-by-event" basis. Volunteers can serve in leadership and support roles supporting events ranging from auctions to walks, runs, climbs, and luncheons.


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