Workplace Campaigns

Other Ways to Give

Workplace Campaigns

The following workplace campaigns have Fred Hutch listed as a campaign charity OR will allow Fred Hutch to be written in as a charitable organization:

Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC)
(for Federal civilian, postal and military employees)
Phone: (202) 606-1800
Fred Hutch's CFC#: 10192

Washington State Combined Fund Drive (CFD)
(for active and retired state employees)
Fred Hutch's CFD#: 0315947

State CFD office
Phone: (360) 664-1995

University of Washington CFD office
Phone: (206) 616-3678

King County Employee Giving Program (KCEGP)
(for King County employees)
Phone: (206) 263-9405
Fred Hutch's KCEGP#: 9005

One Call for All
(for residents of Bainbridge Island, WA)
Phone: (206) 842-0659

United Way campaigns
United Way campaigns will allow you to write in Fred Hutch as your charity of choice, if it is not already listed.

Private workplace campaigns
Microsoft Corporation, Boeing Company, Costco, Liberty Mutual, Nintendo, REI, Safeway, Wells Fargo, and many others either have Fred Hutch listed as a charity on their private campaign or allow Fred Hutch to be written onto their pledge form.

Additional campaigns
If your campaign is not listed here, check with your campaign coordinator or Human Resources office to find out if you can write in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as your charity of choice.

For more information, contact:
Annual Giving
(206) 667-4399
(800) 279-1618