Donating Stock or Appreciated Securities

Other Ways to Give

Leverage Your Gift by Donating Appreciated Stock, Bonds or Mutual Funds

Transferring appreciated securities (held more than one year) is an excellent way to support Fred Hutch’s breakthrough research and receive double tax benefits, including:

  • A charitable income tax deduction based on the full fair market value of the securities; and
  • Avoidance of the capital gain tax otherwise due upon the sale of the appreciated stock, bonds or mutual funds.

Contributing appreciated securities is especially attractive for many people because capital gains taxes and income tax rates increased in 2013.

To receive even greater leverage, use your appreciated assets to fund a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust and avoid all or a large portion of the capital gain and receive an income for life for you or a loved one, all while helping Fred Hutch.

Stock Transfer    

  • Inform your broker in writing that you wish to give appreciated securities to Fred Hutch. View the sample letter with stock transfer instructions to provide specific information regarding the securities you are donating.
  • Let us know that you have initiated a transfer of securities to the Hutch's account by contacting Jessica Belanger at or 206.667.3740. Provide your name to our staff, so that we can give you the proper tax receipt as well as acknowledge your gift.
  • The value of your gift will be calculated by using the mean value of each share on the date the shares arrive in our brokerage or mutual fund account. Our preferred broker is Pershing LLC.
  • If you are concerned about the timing of your gift, please be sure to work closely with your broker or mutual fund company to ensure that the shares are transferred in a timely manner.

Bond Transfer

Transferring bonds to Fred Hutch is very much like gifting stock. Please contact our Planned Giving professionals to learn more.

Mutual Fund Transfer   

Mutual funds usually take a little longer to transfer, as each mutual fund company has its own requirements for making charitable contributions. Allow at least one month for the transfer.

For more information, contact:

Jessica Belanger 
206.667.3740 or 800.279.1618 ext. 3740