Stream to Fight Cancer

You, doing what you do, helps us do what we do — save lives.

When you use your Twitch stream to fight cancer, you make it possible.

Let’s cut to the chase: We want cancer gone. And we know you and your fans do too. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is the place that will happen.

It’s easy to set up a Tiltify fundraiser for Fred Hutch for your Twitch stream. When you do, you and your followers honor those who have faced cancer and raise the money our researchers need to improve cancer prevention, treatment and care.

Your stream can help save lives.

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Start now!

  • Go to Tiltify and sign up to fundraise for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
  • Email our Stream Team at for our Streaming Kit. The kit includes quick facts, short videos you can share with your fans, interesting swag and more.

Why you?

Because you do something not everyone can. Because your big-hearted fans appreciate it. And because the money you raise helps bring better treatments to people facing cancer. Your Tiltify fundraiser helps real people, right now.

Why us?

Fred Hutch has worked at the leading edge of cancer research for more than 40 years. Our hundreds of scientists are overturning assumptions to intercept this disease at every turn. And we are relentless: we won’t stop until we find cures.

But we need you!

Thank you for streaming to support Fred Hutch. We can’t wait to work with you.

Contact the Fred Hutch Stream Team

Last Modified, July 26, 2019