President's Circle

The Impact of Private Support

President's Circle

Support from President's Circle members allows Fred Hutch to fund new ideas and innovations as they emerge—accelerating our ability to prevent, detect and treat cancer and related disease.

Founded upon principles of scientific innovation, the Hutch is arguably the most qualified institution to transform the potential of scientific revolutions into direct benefit for individuals with or at risk for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

However, private funding is crucial to this high success rate. Private investments fund proof of principle projects that provide the foundation for scientists to obtain larger peer reviewed grants. As testament to our research excellence, Fred Hutch remains one of the top recipients of peer-reviewed grant funding from the National Institutes of Health — a bedrock of support that has enabled our numerous cancer-research accomplishments over the past three decades.

The time to take advantage of new research opportunities is now. Fred Hutch seeks investors who are as equally visionary as our scientists—investors who believe in the power of innovative biomedical research to save lives.