President's Circle

Accelerate Discovery

President's Circle

Early stage scientific activities essential for pioneering new approaches to cancer treatment and prevention are rarely eligible for federal funding. Thanks to the aggregate support from President’s Circle members, scientists are able to initiate research that would have been unfunded otherwise.

As a member of the President’s Circle, your investment will enable our leadership to rapidly respond to promising research ideas — ideas that hold the potential for breakthroughs in science and medicine. These pilot studies, typically small in scale, help researchers collect data quickly to test new hypotheses and refine methodologies. These are the projects at the leading edge of science and often hold the promise for novel discoveries and larger studies funded by federal or foundation grants.

The power of President's Circle support

Phil Greenberg, M.D.

A pathbreaker in immunotherapy, Dr. Phil Greenberg has been working to make T-cell therapy a safe, effective option for cancer patients for more than three decades. With the help of President's Circle support, Phil leads an array of studies designed to improve the effectiveness of therapeutic T-cells – immune cells that are isolated from patients, enhanced in the lab and then given back to patients to destroy their cancer.

In a new study led by Phil, the team will build upon the remarkable results they have already achieved with this approach – the total eradication of a patient’s stage 4 melanoma using only the patient’s own T-cells.