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Membership Roster

Reflecting gifts received July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

President's Circle INsider - $10,000+

Brad and Amy Brotherton
Darrell and Siobhan Cavens
Steven and Michelle Chattin
Simon Peter Clarke and Alice Frick Burden
Sorelle and Brian Cook
Michael and Sonya DeLance
Mason and Mary Evans
Michael Fillman and Chandler Wonderly
Dr. V.K. Gadi and Dr. Emily Darby
Douglas and Andrea Gordon
Susanne and Scott Guthrie*
Troy and Ewelina Hickey*
Derek and Christina Holman
Ross and Emily Hubbard
Michael and Rachel Jackson
Jeff and Michelle Knoll

Courtney Koster
Sylvia Lee and Glenn Kelman
Clark and Lori Lindsay
Todd and Jessica Madison
Bill and Nicole McNichols
Christopher and Amanda Nichols
Casey and Linnea Oiness
Jesse and Jennifer Ottele
Tom and Brooke Pigott
Jesse and Rebecca Proudman
Drs. Niki and Bryce Robinson
Troy and Beatriz Scheer
Kabir and Noreen Shahani
Eliza and Brian Shelden
Luis and Colette Ulloa*

INvestor - $5,000+

Charles R. Arnold III
Sarah C. Avery
Marisa Behnke and Corey Ginsberg
Mitchell and Ashley Belcher
Ryan Broms and Merrill W. Behnke
Jeremy Bong
Steve and Jenny Brooks*
Debbie and T.J. Burke
Lauren Burman
Mary C. Clare and Ryan J. Hall
Robert and Dana Colon
Megan M. Cosgrove
Quinn Cosgrove
Ryan Cotton
Jeffrey and Shelly Davis
Scott and Christine Ely
Timothy Emery
Justin and Alexis Erickson
Cory and Adrienne Finnell
Kyle and Jessica Fukuchi
Yoav and Adi Gilat
Darin and Brittany Granger
Jennifer and Bryan Grusz
Brian Hakimian
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier*
Jennifer Helfer
David Humphrey
Scott and Amy Hutchinson*
David and Christy Johnson
Jon and Gretchen Jones
Kurt Jonson
James and Angela Kahler
Melissa and Sam Kaufmann
Wissam and Stephanie Kazan

Dr. Susan S. Kim, DDS
Leigh Kinnish
Kyoko Kurosawa and Steve Pergam, M.D.
Jeanette and Keith Malek
Lauren and Jason Martin
David and Laura Matter
Kevin and Sarah McCain
Kimberly McCaslin
Monica Mercer
Wade and Crystal Moller
Trevor S. Nolan and Marci J. Nolan
Tom and Kate Peters
Courtney and Andrew Preusse
Nathan and Marguerite Ramsey
Patrick Reddy
Kelby and Kelly Riegsecker
Leslie and Michael Robertson
Kelle and Adam Roodman
Andrew and Emily Ryan
Justine and Rob Sands
John and Traci Jo Schneider
Mark and Susan Shapiro*
Anav Silverman and Travis Olson
Travis and Jessica Stewart
Jason and Wendy Stively
Ethan and Angela Stowell
Kathryn A. Sweyer and Chris Berta
Jay and Lacey Timpani
Dustin and Elizabeth Van Wyck
Daniel and Bonnie Waltman
Myron and Liz Wan
Eric and Daria Whettam
Julia D. White

INfluencer - $2,500+

Bryce Ancheta
Jessica P. Beegle
Kenneth and Shiori Betzler
Brijesh Bhatia
Andy and Marissa Braff
Keith and Petra Brakebill
Milo and Chrissy Braseth
Gary Caldwell and Jo Anne Iaciofano
Erica and Jose Campos
Tana L. Chmieleski
Greg and Erin Coomer
Dusty and Cindy Culbertson
Brett and Lara Deits
Joe and Hayley Dennison
Benjamin Eickhoff
Kristen J. Finholm
Scott and Amy Finholm*
Jubal A. Flagg
Jefferson Fletcher and Margaret Masterson
Faith L. Flugel
John Forsythe
Paula J. Fortier
Jon and Heather Foster
Gabe and Brittany Garcia
Joe Geraghty and Lesli Sager
David Gilboa
Timothy and Jennifer Goggin
Matthew J. Haddad and Dr. Ariel T. Haddad
Amber Hahto
Jennifer Harnish
Melissa and Eric Harwood
Steve and Danielle Hawley
Alexandra and Adam Hedin
Randall and Amy Hopkins
Gregory Hotz*
Casey and Shannon Howard
Tim and Susan Howell
Brandon and Kaolee Hoyle
Olivier and Catherine Humbert*
Dorothy Hwang and Harry Yu
Anna and Tyler Jones
Srilakshmi Remala Kamdar and Viren Kamdar*
Lauren E. Kaplan
Steven and Melissa Kaptik
Chris and Ingrid Killian
Jim Klavano
Lynette and David Klingeman
April Knight

Renee Kraft
Molly Lallemand
Mija Lee and Gregory Foxman
Matt and Elisha Logue*
Allie and Chris Lord
Chanel and David Lowe
Jaymee and David Lundin
Shawn and Kate Macfarlan
Matt Macomber
Thad and Lisa Mallory
Scott and Terri Manke
Ryan and Sara Maxwell*
Michael D. McCann
Casey McGarity
Alena Meeker
Heidi Murray
Jeffrey and Charlotte Mushen
Laurel Myers
Scott and Heather Neal
Todd and Marci Nicholson
David R. Nilssen
Fred Northup, Jr. and Ashley Northup
Tyler and Christine Opp
Michael T. Orbino
Joe Perkins
Ian Porter
Mike and Keegan Porter
Andrew and Virginia Read
Srilata D. Remala and Charles Dorner
Elmer Santiago
Jennifer and Tom Scott
Tyler and Kellie Sholdt
Brian Smithson
Ben Steele and Melinda Iwen
Kelly and Kevin Stokesbary
Luke Stroud and Dave Siegfried
Bob and Kit Taylor
Sarah Tait and Mark Kinnish
Chad and Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer and Chad Thomas
Brian and Holly Towne
Jeff and Carin Towne
Amy Whaley
Oliver and Caroline Whitehead
Sangita and Chris Woerner
Stephen and Stacey Worth
Jason and Margorie Zander

INnovator - $1,000+

Brian J. Adams
Nitin Agrawal
Aisha Ahmad Al Khinji
Graham and Brooke Allen
Jeanne Allen
Tyler R. Andrews
Jordan Babineaux
Eric Bahna
Karen T. Balek
Zsigmond Balla
Carrie M. Barham
Renate and Stephen Barnes
Pat Barry
Patricia and Achim Bassler
Anthony and Jessica Bastone
Jeffrey and Paula Beale
Pascal Beauchesne
Braden and Courtney Bell
Josh and Candace Berde
Lonnie Berger
Peter Berger and Jessica Rossman
Erin and Ethan Bernau
Jason and Tanya Black
Evan Blake
Alison and Thomas Bligh
Brian Boice
Brian and Hanna Boyle
Christina and John Brandenfels
Aaron Bregel*
April Brixey and Chad Madsen
Craig Baylor Brooks and Courtney Suzanne Clarke
Erika and Greg Brown
Ivan Brugiolo
Jeremy and Danae Burger
Justin and Alyson Burks
Larry Camello
Blaine and Claire Cameron
Michele and Loris Candiloro
Katie and Darren Cartwright
Mike Cerniglia
Manuel Chao
Yongbai Choi and Jessica Lim
Lois Chon
Randee Churchill
Edward Colburn
Ally and Matt Cole
Craig M. Colvett and Jennifer Rodack
Andrew and Juli Cook
Stephanie J. Crabtree
Ryan and Elise Crumpacker
Jeffrey and Lorine Cummings
Brian and Elise Cunningham
Ryan T. Dahle
Jacyara De Oliveira
Eric and Amelia DeBoer
Francis and Christina DeVitis
Brian Dewey
Claudiu and Laura Diaconu
Conor Donahue
Dr. Kristina M. Doty
James D.P. Drage
Robert and Margaret Drollinger
Tom Dugan
Brooke and Brian Dunnigan
Jeffrey S. Edwards
Richard and Kelli Rae Edwards
Lisa and Mitchell Eggers
Jessica Einfeld
Tracey and Mike Elfstrom
Adam and Shannon Fain
Mark and Alexandra Falconi
Paul and Mary Farag
Folashade Fashokun
Kim and Mark Faust
Joseph and Miya Ferguson
Kathryn Ficarra and Jo Munson
Ashley and Devin Fidler
Patrick and Caitlin Fisher
Brendan Foor
Ashley and Jamie Frederick
Steven and Whitney Freygang
Phil and Lisa Gafken
Nandita and Jochem Geerdink
Peter and Candice Giffin
Emily Goll
Shelly Griggs
Kalan and Jennie Guiley
Yatharth Gupta and Neha Agarwal
Jessica Michel Hagan and Curtis Hagan
David and Tamra Haglund
Jeff Hallier and Erin McGee
Bryce and Kathryn Hanson
Joseph Harrington
Justin Harrison
Grant and Julia Hartvigson
Chris Head
Mason and Shelley Helms
Todd and Stephanie Henderson*
Sarah and Robert Hendrick
Justin and Catherine Hendrickson
Bryce Hesselgrave
Meguire Heston
Brent and Dulcy Hixson
Douglas and Kendall Hodson
Kate Holford
Dana Leigh Hurley and Matt Thomlinson
Jon and Melissa Isaacson
Erica S. Isono
Amanda and Brent Jacoby
Rehan and Jennifer Jaddi
Chris Jeuell
Jeremey and Cassie Johnson
Josiah Johnson
James and Tiffany Johnson
Matthew Kahn
Matthew Kaplan
Melanie M. Keisor
Ryan and Megan Keith
Andrew Kim
Yegor Kishylau
Alex Kochis and Maia Volkmann
David M. Kolk
Kyle and Cindy Kruse
Joel and Heidi Kuipers
Renee and Kevan Kurdzos
Todd Kurtz
Richard Kyle and Kara Matthew*
Maureen Lane
Kyle Lapham
Amy and Aaron Lavin
Israel Ledesma
Theresa R. Lepow

Jonathan Leptich and Tyler Wilson
Charlene A. Lieu
John J. Lillibridge
Tiffany and Reagan Locker
Erin Lodhia and Graeme Kuusela
Keith Loeb and Ashwini Kamath-Loeb
Thomas Loika
Steven Louden
Eric and Margaret Lovelin
Joshua and Jessica Lutzker
Dennis Ma and Vannessa Nhan
David and Amy Maccarrone
Lisa and James Magnusson
Robert L. Mahaffey
Eric and Gwen Manchion
Brian and Malissa Marcinek
Monica and Matt Mathews
Jessica and John Matlock
Kyle McAndrews
Tod and Christa McBryan*
Stephanie McCann
Ashley and Joe McCone
Kraig and Deven McCoy
Zahra Megji
Ross Mickel
Daniel J. Milgrom and Kelly A. James
Brad Miller
Jay and Kimberly Miller
Jay Miller
Jennifer and Jerry Morales
Jennifer Moreland
Jason Moss
Thomas Murphy
Samantha T. Neukom
Kathryn and Nicholas Newhall
Keane Ng
Andrew Nierman
Lane and Lian Oatey
Sean M. O'Brien
Timothy and Nicole Oerting*
Kellie and Jeremy Olson
Christian and Kristin O'Meara
Sean O'Rourke
T.J. and Megan Orthmeyer
Andrew and Tia Over
Amy and Tim Owens
Patrick Egan and Tara Palumbo
Robin Paris
Jerrod and Angela Patterson
Eric Peacock
Shanna Peek
Roberto and Neda Perrina
Michael and Jennifer Peters
Danny Pickard
Art Pierce
Britenae and Matthew Pierce
Nicole and Michael Pratapas
Elizabeth Prescott and Daniel Stetson*
Colin Prince
Craig Prince
Eric Prock and Tracy Sullivan Prock
Chris and Elissa Puckett
Joe Raicevich
Dr. Aravind Ramakrishnan and Mrs. Carla Perez
Allison Reed
Melissa Reese
Ana Reyes
Terry and Benton Richardson
Heidi Rogers
Kevin Rooney
Brad and Nancy Root
Jeffrey and Ashleigh Root
Christine Roveda
Tiffany and Benjamin Rowe
Darren and Cecilia Rozendaal
Brittney Ruiz
Kimberly M. Sambrook
Sarah and Matthew Samii
William and Raquel Sanchez
Louis Saxton
Lisa E. Schaures
Ann F. Schellenger
Georgeann Schellenger
Darlene Schiffler
Michael and Desiree Schlitt
Beth and Chris Schmaltz
Ryan Schmitt
Casey and Allison Schuchart
Benjamin B. Selberg
Jason J. Shinn
Joshua and Dana Showers
Ashish and Cammy Singh
Nicholas and Jaclyn Siska
Sergey Smirnov
Amy and Todd Sprangers
Robert and Dana Stadler
Chelsea and Casey Steiner
Leslie and Jeff Stoner
Logan and Carrie Stroud
Libby and Tj Sundgren
Kyle and Emi Suzuki
Sarah and Lars Svensen
Mike and Shara Sweeney*
Tonya Swick
Elizabeth Thorson
Brian and Cathee Till
Heidi and Jackson Tingley
Casey T. Trees and Karly Regalia
Sara Kinnish Trethewey
Aaron M. Trolia
Michael Turk and Melissa Morrier-Turk
Brandon Van Dyke
Neal and Amy Vickers
Adam Wainwright
Preston D. Walls
Kevin and Ingrid Walshe
Shannon Ware
Francie Warnekros
Yonnie and Brian Watkins
Ryan and Lindsey Watson
John Weale
Anne Weiler
Erik and Alethea Westover
Kate Whettam and Ben Hill
JD Whiteside
Jeff and Katharine Wilson
Megan Winchester
Jeff Woerner
Lance Woodke
Eric Yandrasits and Wendy Trejo-Yandrasits
Shawn and Kelly Zabecki
Adam Zacks

Innovators Network benefactors include three anonymous donors.

*charter members

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