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Seattle Council Members

Ryan Broms, Co-chair
Synergy Construction

"The Innovators Network represents the newest generation of support for the Hutch. I joined IN because I love the mission and I love the science. I joined because as I’ve grown older more and more of my friends have been stricken with cancer. Not only does the Hutch lead the way with research and the development of innovative therapies, they also work to support the families of those fighting cancer. Their comprehensive approach to battling this terrible group of diseases is why I joined Innovators Network."

Jessica Michel Hagan, Co-chair

"I support the breakthrough research at Fred Hutch because it is a source of inspiration, amazement and hope."

Jessie Beegle

Jessie Beegle

"It brings together an impressive group of young professionals who share my passion for philanthropy that supports the intersection of science and emerging technology. Cancer affects us all in some way and funds raised by the Innovators Network are used to support cutting edge researchers at the Hutch who are making breakthroughs in areas such as stem cell treatment and immunotherapy. I am proud to call myself a member of the Innovators Network as we continue to work towards a cure."

Steve Brooks
University Mechanical Contrators, Inc.

"I’m involved with the Innovators Network and Hutch because they deliver results. They fight the diseases that have stricken my family and deliver hope and options to our community and well beyond. Joining this driven team allows me to help engage the next generation of philanthropists and educate them about the amazing work occurring every day at the Hutch."

Michelle Chattin

"We joined IN because our lives have been touched by cancer.  We believe there is a cure and we want to help Fred Hutch find it."

Hart Cole
Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc

"I joined the Innovator’s Network because Cancer Sucks!  Cancer has impacted my wife and my family, our friends, and our coworkers.  We hope that due to the groundbreaking work taking place at the Hutch, supported by the Innovators Network, our daughter will get to grow up in a world where cancer is not treated, not managed, but cured.”  

Ashley Doran Northup

Ashley Doran Northup
Southdown Yoga

"I was introduced to Innovators Network when my husband was hired as the auctioneer for IN for the Hutch. After attending IN happy hours and other events, I knew that I wanted to stay involved with this engaged and dedicated group of people doing their part to eradicate cancer. My life has been altered more than once when a loved one has lost their battle with cancer, so I want to wipe out this disease. Because I am not a scientist, raising funds to help others find ways to cure and prevent cancer is the best way that I can fight. Joining the IN Council allows me to be directly involved in creating more donation opportunities for others that want to see the end of cancer. It is an honor to be part of an organization with such a clear and honorable purpose."

Cyrus Fiene
Coldwell Banker Bain

"I am IN because of what the Network stands for. IN because I want to be part of a passionate group that dedicates themselves to something bigger and is proactive. Cancer has struck my family and many friends over the years and I want to be part of something that fights back so that future generations will not have to."

Faith Flugel
Unify Consulting

"I am an IN member because of the opportunity to learn from and engage with world-class researchers at Fred Hutch… to support their groundbreaking research… to connect with people who are as passionate about putting an end to cancer as I am." 

Kyle Fukuchi

Kyle Fukuchi
Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc.

“I am involved with IN to help spread awareness about an amazing organization leading the charge to fight cancer. Getting our generation involved now will make a huge difference for generations to come.”

Filiz Genca

"I am IN because of the passionate group of young professionals who rally behind the innovative early-stage research that is being done at Fred Hutch to cure cancer and HIV/AIDs. I was introduced to the Fred Hutch after my father was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme. Today the disease is not curable but I believe that with continued support and advocacy for cutting edge research and development that someday it will be."

Emily Hubbard
MLJackson Real Estate

“I support the Hutch and the IN network because cancer has touched too many of our lives and it needs to be stopped. I truly believe that the Hutch is close to finding a cure and I want to support that in any way possible.”

Courtney Hynes

"I am IN because I know too many people who have had their lives turned upside down by cancer and I believe in finding a cure. The innovative, early stage research that Fred Hutch is conducting is critical to this mission and I want to spread awareness about their ground breaking progress."

Maureen Lane

“I am IN because cancer has impacted far too many friends and family and I believe Fred Hutch has the vision and innovative researchers needed to cure this disease.  The Innovators Network brings together a passionate and fun group of people dedicated to raising the funds the Hutch needs to find these cures.”   

Zahra Megji

"I heard about Innovators Network through friends…I was completely blown away that a small group could make such a huge impact! To see how the funds being raised were going directly to innovative research was so inspiring…I may not be a doctor or a scientist, but being an IN member makes me feel like I am working alongside them in the hope that soon we will have a cure for cancer."

Jason Shinn

"I am IN because the Innovator's Network has shown me how a passionate group of individuals can make a difference outside the lab. I want to raise awareness of how this organization helps to create hope and power ground breaking cancer research."

Sean Whitsitt
JP Morgan

“I feel great donating my time, energy, and resources into early stage research that otherwise might not receive funding.  Always at the forefront of cancer research, The Hutch has also paved the way for a burgeoning life sciences sector in Seattle.  Their efforts have spawned innovative spinoffs and created many jobs while positively impacting the entire ecosystem.  In addition to meeting remarkable people at IN events, I view IN as the starting point towards a lifetime of helping those and their loved ones affected by this deplorable disease.”


San Francisco Council Members

Leigh Kinnish

Leigh Kinnish

"There are many, many worthy causes to support and opportunities to get involved. I have chosen to support Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center due to their agile research approach and the impact cancer has had, and has the potential to have, in my life. I want to help do something about it. I also love the chance to meet new bay area people with a similar interest in science and commitment to helping others."

Fun Fact: I am convinced the best coffee in San Francisco is an Americano from Illy.

Mark Kinnish

Mark Kinnish

"Born and raised in Seattle, it is taken for granted that we all know about Fred Hutch. Now, as a San Francisco resident, I believe there is an opportunity to help drive the organization’s efforts forward by bringing it to the attention of people in the Bay Area. I am IN to increase this awareness and help push for Dr. Gilliland’s belief that curative therapies for most cancers are within reach in the next decade. It is important that people realize you don’t need to be the person that solves cancer, but that by educating yourself and supporting the science and research can have a significant impact."

Fun Fact:  I carded a hole-in-one at the age of 7.

Stephanie McCann

Stephanie McCann
Merrill Lynch

"I am IN because I believe that great change starts by sharing knowledge and that is one of the many amazing things Fred Hutch is doing every day.  Being a native of Seattle and having seen the impact Fred Hutch made on a close loved one fighting cancer, I want to do my part to bring awareness about the powerful innovation of Fred Hutch to the Bay Area.  One day there will be a cure for cancer and I know Fred Hutch will be part of finding this cure, with our support I believe that they can do it faster."

Fun Fact: One of my life goals is to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Alena Meeker

Alena Meeker
Merrill Lynch

"I am IN because this is the first time that I get to be truly involved in the process and science of finding a cure.  The inspiration and hope I feel from learning about new medical breakthroughs, and the lives that are being impacted, are personally rewarding and awe inspiring. I haven’t been to one Hutch event without crying tears of heartbreak -- AND JOY (!!!) -- at the thought of one person having a greater chance at life thanks to these new treatments.  I have personally never lost anyone close to cancer, but it comforts me to know that the innovations we are helping to fund could someday save someone I love."

Fun Fact: I am an Identical twin which is the greatest thing in the world!

Stephanie McCann

Stephanie Bauer Olmo
Seven Post Investment Office LP

“I joined the Innovators Network at Fred Hutch to support early-stage cancer research and spread awareness in the Bay Area about the amazing work going on at the Hutch. Like so many people (too many people), cancer struck my family in 2012 when my father was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer. Each day I am thankful that he has continued to fight the disease, but we need a cure. I choose to support Fred Hutch because I believe the researchers and doctors at the Hutch are at the forefront for finding a cure for all.”

Fun Fact: I have 32 first cousins!

Keegan Petty
J.S. Held LLC

"Cancer has affected nearly every human on this plant, whether you've fought it yourself, lost a loved one to it, or best case, watched someone beat it...take that cancer! In 2009 our family lost the strongest man we knew, my father. He endured a battle with pancreatic cancer for 15 months, and outlasted it long enough to see his eldest child graduate college, a promise he made me when he was diagnosed. His fight to fulfill his final promise to me, against great odds, is my motivation to support a cause that may someday end the fight with cancer. I am IN to live on the legacy of my father, and honor his battle with cancer by raising awareness and funding to further the advancements in cancer research. 10 years ago when my father was diagnosed, the five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer was 2%, today it's approaching 7%...look out cancer, here we come!"

Fun Fact: I'm a HUGE Mariners fan, even though they haven't made the playoffs in 18 years. I sat in Section 117, Row 4, Seat 6 for Game 5 of the 1995 ALDS victory over the New York Yankees. Watching Edgar hit "The Double" off the left field wall, and Griffey scoring the winning run, it is still my fondest memory.

Danny Pickard

Danny Pickard
Cushman Wakefield

"I am IN because I want to help accelerate the process of finding a cure and eliminating cancer.  Originally from the Bay Area, I left for Seattle to attend UW where I stayed for several years post college before making my way back to San Francisco.  While helping recruit for one of the early Innovators Network happy hours in SF, I was met with a lot of blank looks from my Bay Area friends, who had no idea what “the Hutch” was or did.  Anyone who has spent time in Seattle is well aware of the Hutch and the impact they have had on advancing efforts around the world to finding a cure for cancer.  For me, the Innovators Network is a way to help spread awareness and educate people about the incredible work being done and funded through Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center."

Fun Fact: Best bar in San Francisco is the Horseshoe.

Sarah Tait

Sarah Tait
Branch International

"My partner Mark and I are IN for two reasons: My mom survived two types of cancer, but still suffers from the aftermath of treatment even almost ten years later. We believe funding early-stage, innovative research like that happening at the Hutch is the way to find the cure! Second, we were looking for a community in in the Bay Area, and the Innovators Network introduced us both to new, lifelong friends with similar values and aspirations."

Fun Fact: If you are looking for me outside of work, I'm probably walking our dog Atlas around Berkeley.

Advisory Council Members

Scott Finholm, Past Co-chair

"While I helped start IN because I fell in love with the science, what drives me now is the hope that we can and will beat cancer in our lifetimes.  Amazing science drove the cures that helped my mother and grandmother and we can’t let money stand in the way of researchers finding the next generation of cures.  Please help me help them to save lives faster."

Andrea Gordon, Past Co-chair

"Cancer doesn’t fight fair - why in the world should we? The Innovators Network model is unique because it taps into the next generation of donors who are willing to invest in high risk, high reward research concepts. I believe that challenging the status quo will provide us with an edge on cancer. And in this fight, we'll take every advantage we can get."

Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon
Russell Investments

"I support the Innovators Network for my mom, my uncle, and importantly everyone else's loved ones. 'IN' combines some of the greatest elements of any philanthropic organization; members who represent the next generation of contributors that are passionate and engaged in supporting cutting edge research that could otherwise have initial funding challenges. I am humbled by the opportunity Innovators Network represents to support the pioneering work done at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center changing outcomes for cancer patients and their families."

Jeff Heier

“Cancer sucks!  Having both friends and family impacted by cancer, it’s hard to sit on the sidelines and do nothing about it.  Fred Hutch has been a beacon of hope for many, and the pioneers of life saving treatment for those with cancer.  Working with the Innovators Network and Fred Hutch the last 10+ years has been an absolute honor!”

Shelly Heier

“Curing cancer is our generation’s “moon-shot” and I’m honored to be a part of the community supporting the Hutch researchers so dedicated to this cause.  The innovation happening right here in Seattle will impact the entire world for generations to come.”

Catherine Humbert
Paragon Investment Management

"Our local support funds cutting edge research right here in Seattle, and these breakthroughs can help save lives around the world. I am proud to support Innovators Network at Fred Hutch."

Amy Hutchinson, Founding Co-chair
Rwanda Girls Initiative

"I support IN so my friends and family continue to have hope in knowing great research will ultimately find a cure for life threatening diseases."

Scott Hutchinson, Founding Co-chair
Sprague Resources Corp.

"Supporting IN is a conscientious choice and a way of life that has deep meaning to our family."

Elisha Logue, Past Co-chair
iRhythm Technologies

"I support Innovators Network and Fred Hutch because my husband is a cancer survivor who has benefitted from cutting edge research and treatments. I support research as a way to help others benefit from the same sort of life saving therapies and Fred Hutch is on the front lines of these discoveries."

Matt Logue, Past Co-chair

"I support IN and Fred Hutch because I know that the cumulative efforts of a few can save many from the painful memories cancer creates."

Trevor Nolan, Past Co-chair

"I joined Innovators Network because I believe it is incredibly important to drive awareness about the importance of philanthropy and cutting edge research to the next generation of supporters of the Hutch."

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson, PharmD, BCACP
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

"I'm IN because every day the scientists at Fred Hutch are relentlessly working to prevent and treat cancer and HIV/AIDS;  their passion and commitment saves lives, drives innovation in healthcare, and inspires hope for a cure."

Justine Sands, Past Co-chair

“I support Innovators Network because I want to invest in my family’s future. I’ve experience firsthand how someone can be genetically predisposed to the same disease a parent was 20 years ago and have a dramatically different (and positive) outcome because of science and research. We need to continue to move the needle forward.”

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