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Active Council Members

Trevor Nolan, Co-chair

"I joined Innovators Network because I believe it is incredibly important to drive awareness about the importance of philanthropy and cutting edge research to the next generation of supporters of the Hutch."

Justine Sands, Co-chair

“I support Innovators Network because I want to invest in my family’s future. I’ve experience firsthand how someone can be genetically predisposed to the same disease a parent was 20 years ago and have a dramatically different (and positive) outcome because of science and research. We need to continue to move the needle forward.”

Sarah Avery
Wells Fargo International Group

"When I had the opportunity to support an innovative organization that helps save lives I jumped at the chance!  I have experienced the impact cancer has on families and friends too many times to count, and I am now proud to say I am part of an amazing group of people who is helping put a stop to it, in addition to countless other life-threatening diseases."

Michelle Chattin

"We joined IN because our lives have been touched by cancer.  We believe there is a cure and we want to help Fred Hutch find it."

Kyle Fukuchi

Kyle Fukuchi
Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc.

“I am involved with IN to help spread awareness about an amazing organization leading the charge to fight cancer. Getting our generation involved now will make a huge difference for generations to come.”

Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon
Russell Investments

"I support the Innovators Network for my mom, my uncle, and importantly everyone else's loved ones. 'IN' combines some of the greatest elements of any philanthropic organization; members who represent the next generation of contributors that are passionate and engaged in supporting cutting edge research that could otherwise have initial funding challenges. I am humbled by the opportunity Innovators Network represents to support the pioneering work done at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center changing outcomes for cancer patients and their families."

Jessica Michel Hagan

"I support the breakthrough research at Fred Hutch because it is a source of inspiration, amazement and hope."

Catherine Humbert
Paragon Investment Management

"Our local support funds cutting edge research right here in Seattle, and these breakthroughs can help save lives around the world. I am proud to support Innovators Network at Fred Hutch."

Andrea Jones, Past Co-chair

"Cancer doesn’t fight fair - why in the world should we? The Innovators Network model is unique because it taps into the next generation of donors who are willing to invest in high risk, high reward research concepts. I believe that challenging the status quo will provide us with an edge on cancer. And in this fight, we'll take every advantage we can get."

Mike McCann

Mike McCann

“Having had people in my life be struck by cancer and taken way too early I joined Innovators Network to have an impact on generating greater awareness and support of the ground-breaking research and work that is being done at Fred Hutch to find a cure for cancer.”

Elizabeth Petter

"Becoming involved with Fred Hutch and the Innovators Network has been an honor. Thus far, every big loss in our lives has been due to cancer and we want to get ahead of it and support Fred Hutch in finding the cure!"

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson, PharmD, BCACP
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

"I'm IN because every day the scientists at Fred Hutch are relentlessly working to prevent and treat cancer and HIV/AIDS;  their passion and commitment saves lives, drives innovation in healthcare, and inspires hope for a cure."

Luke Stroud

Luke Stroud

"I believe that Fred Hutch is in the business of hope. Through their innovation and perseverance, the team at the Hutch works tirelessly to create hope where there may initially be none, for individuals and families affected by cancer. As a part of IN, I strongly support those efforts for both my family and my community.”

Advisory Council Members

Scott Finholm, Past Co-chair

"While I helped start IN because I fell in love with the science, what drives me now is the hope that we can and will beat cancer in our lifetimes.  Amazing science drove the cures that helped my mother and grandmother and we can’t let money stand in the way of researchers finding the next generation of cures.  Please help me help them to save lives faster."

Amy Hutchinson, Founding Co-chair
Rwanda Girls Initiative

"I support IN so my friends and family continue to have hope in knowing great research will ultimately find a cure for life threatening diseases."

Scott Hutchinson, Founding Co-chair
Sprague Resources Corp.

"Supporting IN is a conscientious choice and a way of life that has deep meaning to our family."

Elisha Logue, Past Co-chair
iRhythm Technologies

"I support Innovators Network and Fred Hutch because my husband is a cancer survivor who has benefitted from cutting edge research and treatments. I support research as a way to help others benefit from the same sort of life saving therapies and Fred Hutch is on the front lines of these discoveries."

Matt Logue, Past Co-chair

"I support IN and Fred Hutch because I know that the cumulative efforts of a few can save many from the painful memories cancer creates."

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