Survivorship Care Plan


Survivorship Care Plan

Care Plan notebook

Survivors receive an individualized notebook containing important educational material tailored for their specific needs, as well as a Survivorship Care Plan

After their initial appointment, our cancer survivors will receive a Survivorship Care Plan, a document that lists all of their therapy and medical information that is pertinent to their diagnosis and any possible late effects.

A summary of care may include the following:

  • Diagnostic tests and results
  • Tumor characteristics, including sites(s), stage, grade, hormone status, biomarker results
  • Details on treatment
    • Type of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, transplantation, hormone therapy, gene therapy or other)
    • Agents used (regimen, total dosage)
    • Beginning and ending dates
    • Indicators of response
    • Toxicities
  • Support services provided (psychological, nutritional, other)
  • Contact information for treating institutions and key individual providers
  • Name of key point of contact and coordinator of continuing care

A brief outline of the evidence-based follow-up care may consist of the following:

  • Likely course of recovery from treatment toxicities
  • Need for ongoing health maintenance/adjuvant therapy
  • Recommended cancer screening and other periodic testing/examination, including schedule and providers
  • Possible late and long-term effects of treatment and their symptoms
  • Possible psychological effects (marital/partner relationships, sexual functioning, work, parenting) and potential need for psychological support
  • Possible insurance, employment and financial consequences and referrals for appropriate counseling, as necessary
  • Specific recommendations for lifestyle changes to promote health
  • Genetic counseling and testing
  • Known effective chemoprevention strategies
  • Cancer-related resources