Melissa Vanloo

Peace of mind is the number-one advantage for survivorship program participants, according to 25-year-old Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor Melissa Vanloo. As a busy mother of two young children, the Lynden, Washington resident is grateful that her Survivorship Care Plan allows her to put much of her worry aside so that she can focus on her family. "It's nice to know they're there and have so many valuable resources," says Melissa. She goes on to explain that the survivor health-care providers at the Hutchinson Center "know the drugs well and know what to look for as far as side effects and recurrences." She's confident that her annual follow-up is conducted with a keen, expert eye.

Melissa is also aware that, due to her history of Hodgkin's lymphoma and its treatment, her body is quite different from that of a 25-year-old who hasn't experienced cancer. Nutritional advice has thus been particularly valuable: "With nutritional guidelines that address exactly how my body has changed, I learn about certain nutrients that can help build back what cancer drugs have depleted."