Jayne Collins

In June 2005 Jayne Collins was diagnosed with breast cancer and over the course of the following year underwent chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, and radiation. Her oncologist described her experience as a 'complete clinical response to treatment'. Like many survivors, Jayne was grateful to be through with treatment but didn't know what to expect once it had ended.

Jayne had always loved to travel, but when cancer arrived on the scene she felt robbed of her freedom. "After the shock of the diagnosis, I chose to kick my cancer out the door and live life the way I want to, not on cancer's terms." Jayne went on to participate in the 2006 Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, raising 280% of the required fundraising minimum and delivering a speech at the first night's campsite.

During her Survivorship Program clinic visit Jayne met with our team of professionals to help her make the most of her life after cancer. The main goal of the Survivorship Program is to keep survivors as physically and mentally healthy as possible. For Jayne, that meant consulting with the nutritionist about the right diet and how to incorporate the recommended changes into her lifestyle. She also met with the physical therapist to develop and implement an exercise plan to ease her back pain and to receive general education on ways to prevent lymphedema. A psychologist helped Jayne develop coping mechanisms and adjust to her new life as a cancer survivor. "Now that follow-up visits with my oncologist are six months apart, I truly value having the dedicated team of professionals at the Survivorship Program to make sure I get the most out of my new life as a survivor. There IS life after cancer, and all cancer survivors deserve access to long-term survivorship programs like this one."