Beverly Moyers


Beverly Moyers

At age fifty-six Beverly was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the right breast and received treatment at the University of Miami in Florida. Beverly was seen in the Survivorship Clinic at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance shortly after relocating to Seattle in 2008. During her clinic appointment Beverly received information about local resources which were particularly helpful, as she was new to the area.

As part of her visit with the survivorship nurse practitioner, Beverly reviewed her treatment summary, which identified the chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery that were part of her cancer treatment. Based on the treatment she received, Beverly was provided with a tailored care plan to promote bone and heart health as well as strategies to manage her lymphedema. Beverly reported a decrease in strength and balance since her cancer and was recommended to participate in the Exercise and Thrive program at the YMCA.

One of the most important referrals Beverly received was to the vocational rehabilitation program at the University of Washington Medical Center, where she made substantial progress. Recently, she was  able to return to work as a full-time kindergarten teacher.

"The staff at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance made several referrals that resulted in positive gains toward a healthier, happier life," Beverly said. "At UWMC's  Rehabilitative Counseling I learned many strategies to deal with my emotions and memory and cognitive processing difficulties. I learned why I was having so much difficulty dealing with life and that there were interventions that would help."

"While I don't think I'll ever be the same person before cancer, I now know that life has more to offer," Beverly said. "You just have to reach out to the people who will help you."