Staff Profiles


Staff Profiles

Scott Baker, MD

Dr. Scott Baker, director of the Fred Hutch Survivorship Program, says the concept of survivorship care is new enough to require definition.

Joli Bartell, BS

Every day is a little different for Joli Bartell, project coordinator for Exercise & Thrive – the Survivorship Program’s exercise partnership with the YMCA.

Gabriela Emond, BS

As a clinical coordinator for the Survivorship Program, is a patient's first interaction with the clinic. She does all the scheduling and collecting of records. She is totally committed to making each patient’s experience smoother and no hassle.

Debra Loacker, RN

Debra Loacker’s long career in oncology nursing did not include cancer survivorship until relatively recently. “What made me interested in survivorship is wanting to know what was the outcome of all the treatments we have given over the years, what happened to all those patients I met along the way,” she said. “I love that this job focuses on wellness and quality of life.”

Emily Jo Rajotte, MPH

Emily Jo Rajotte, manager for the Survivorship Program, says she’s always having to think outside the box – because when it comes to serving cancer survivors, there IS no box.

Karen Syrjala, PhD

Dr. Karen Syrjala says the best thing about working with cancer survivors is their eagerness to live life to the fullest.

Leslie Heron, ARNP

Leslie Heron, ARNP, says that many years of personal, family and work experience with cancer is what led her to join the Survivorship Program as a nurse practitioner.