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Patient Profiles

Keren Stronach

Keren Stronach
Earlier this year, Keren Stronach stopped by Fred Hutch to manage her graft-vs.-host disease symptoms, the unfortunate byproduct of a stem cell transplant that saved her life from leukemia.
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Mark Minson
Mark Minson is glad to be around to influence people in a good way—and to be influenced by them.
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James Ellison
James Ellison wants you to remember him as a positive person, someone who doesn't have to work hard at all to be nice and kind to everyone who crosses his path.
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Annie Galgano
A little more than 20 years ago, nausea, fatigue and a lingering cold sent shivers up Annie Galgano’s spine. She knew these feelings intimately—indelible marks left a decade earlier from her struggle against leukemia. She feared a relapse was under way.
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