Shared Resources FAQs

Common Questions About Working With Shared Resources

We’ve compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about working with us, including information about billing, core services and instruments, and iLab (our tool for billing and requesting services).



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General FAQ

How do I become an affiliate?


To become an affiliate, please inquire directly with the relevant Shared Resources core. If you are not sure which core to contact, please email Shared Resources administration.

How do I become a Cancer Consortium member?


For information on becoming a member of the Fred Hutch/University of Washington/Seattle Children's Cancer Consortium, please visit the Consortium’s membership page.

Billing FAQ

How much will I be charged for a service?


You should contact the shared resource that is offering the service to find out the costs. Once the core director is familiar with your needs and project, they will quote you a price. (In some instances, a core may charge hourly fees for instrument use). Shared Resources administration can also provide you with pricing for specific services. For any further questions, please contact Shared Resources billing.

There are three pricing tiers for service requests and equipment usage. The rates are determined by the user's relationship with Fred Hutch:

  • Internal rate: Fred Hutch faculty using funds associated with a Fred Hutch-managed project ID receive the internal rate. 
  • Consortium rate: Fred Hutch faculty using any external funding get the Consortium rate. Faculty at the University of Washington and Seattle Children's who are members of the Cancer Consortium also receive the Consortium rate. Find membership information at the Consortium’s website
  • External rate: All other external users receive the external rate. 

How is billing done for a service?


If you are an external customer, use our external customer account set-up form to provide your billing address information to the shared resource to generate an external customer ID number. The core then contacts the Shared Resources billing team to set up the customer account. This is a one-time setup procedure; external customers can re-use the same account number for future billings.

Can I pay for services and products using a credit card?


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover credit card payments from external customers or internal customers using external funding. To pay your invoice by credit card, please contact the Shared Resources billing team.

Services and Instruments FAQ

Do I need to set up an account to use Shared Resources?


External customers must have a customer ID number. To set up a customer ID number, provide your billing address information via our external customer set-up form. You can re-use your account number for future billings and multiple purchase orders.

Can I suggest a new service or instrument?


Yes, we are interested in additional technologies and services that you want to use. Contact Shared Resources administration with suggestions and requests.

Can I discuss my needs without committing to the use of a Shared Resources core?


Yes, core directors are happy to discuss your project and the use of their services for your research. If there is a technique you need but do not see listed on a core’s site, ask its director.

iLab FAQ

What is iLab?


iLab is a web-based software system that researchers and Shared Resources staff use to request services, reserve equipment, process billing and invoicing, and track usage.

How do I register with iLab?


iLab is integrated with Fred Hutch's PeopleSoft finance management system and active directory, but you must register for an iLab account to order services in these cores.

Upon successful authentication, iLab will prompt you to select your principal investigator/lab from the pull-down list and to provide your phone number. Please also provide your research coordinator's phone number instead of your PI’s.

Submit the completed registration form. The system will notify your research coordinator of your lab membership request.

How do I request a service in iLab?


Both internal and external users can request core services through iLab after registering an account with the site. Review these instructions:

How do I schedule time on an instrument?


After registering an account with iLab, both internal and external users can reserve core equipment. Review these instructions:

How do I view or change my pending reservations?


Your reservation is visible on your iLab homepage. 

To delete your reservation, click the red X. 

To edit your reservation, select the equipment, which will open the calendar with your scheduled time. Select the yellow notebook icon.

How do I request services or reserve equipment with the shared resources that don’t use iLab?


Visit the Rates and Scheduling page on a core’s webpage to learn how to make service requests or schedule instruments in that core.

Is iLab training available?


Yes. You can schedule individual training for your research group by sending an email request to the Shared Resources iLab team.

Who is the administrator of iLab?


Shared Resources is responsible for all business operations support and billing services for iLab. If you have any questions, send an email to the Shared Resources iLab team.

Who do I contact for iLab support if …?

  • I cannot log in to iLab?
    If you’ve had access previously, email for help with your username and password.
  • I have questions about a service request?
    Contact the core director.
  • I have questions about charges?
    Contact the Shared Resources iLab team.