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Bioinformatics Resources and Training

The Hutch Data Core offers training and documentation for scientists seeking to apply cutting-edge computational tools to their large-scale datasets. We also provide short courses on computational and bioinformatics skills, publish materials and links to curated resources for self-directed learning, and share guides for applying these skills. 

Please see the Hutch Data Core section of the Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Wiki, also known as SciWiki, for information about courses and documentation.

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Instructor-Led Training

New computational and analytical tools and techniques are continuously arising. We offer in-person and online short courses that cover general bioinformatics concepts and applications as well as reproducible computational methods. Course design and scheduling are informed by best practices in the field, knowledge of adult students and feedback from course participants.

Self-Directed Learning

Curated online resources for self-directed learning complement our instructor-led trainings. We provide a curated collection of training materials for a wide range of bioinformatics topics. We offer complete instructional materials for short courses designed for self-paced learning. Our resource library also includes videos, tutorials and demonstrations on technologies associated with data generation, as well as methods of analyzing such data. For researchers interested in applying their knowledge, example code and templates for computational projects are also available.

SciWiki Documentation

The Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Science Wiki, or SciWiki, is a collaboratively developed, community-centered resource that consolidates and clarifies opportunities and best practices for data-intensive research. The SciWiki's Hutch Data Core section provides documentation about training and applications developed by the core to help researchers take advantage of the data storage and computational resources available at Fred Hutch.

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