Hutch Data Core: How We Work

Collaborating to Advance Your Science

We aim to make data-intensive research accessible to all investigators. Our diverse group of scientists, programmers and engineers works collaboratively to meet the needs of researchers who study large, intricate datasets.

Our team’s efforts include supporting individual investigators’ bioinformatics needs and providing training and documentation for those wishing to expand their data science skills. We have developed easy-to-use platforms and applications that help researchers address common challenges and perform efficient, reproducible analyses while staying at the forefront of data analysis and visualization.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in incorporating analysis of complex data into your work. We can offer expertise and guidance to investigators of all experience levels, from those new to data science to those looking to push past the boundaries of current approaches.

people working on a computer
Exploration of paired clinical and molecular cancer genome atlas data. Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch News Service

Enabling Rapid Exploration of Multiple COVID-19 Datasets

We created a data atlas platform that allows researchers to quickly and easily explore data from over 20 publicly available COVID-19 datasets.