Data Platforms and Applications

Tools for Data Analysis and Visualization

The Hutch Data Core offers data platforms and applications that address challenges commonly encountered in data-intensive research. We have designed these platforms as flexible and high-performing foundations on which researchers can build. This ensures that our applications can meet a diverse range of scientific needs and keep pace in a constantly evolving field.

Our platforms and applications have enabled researchers to provide interactive visualizations of massive datasets, reproducibly execute high-performance computing workflows, and share scientist-driven data visualizations with collaborators.

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Data Atlases

The constantly expanding scope and scale of datasets continually pushes the limits of tools used to understand and comprehend those datasets. The Fred Hutch / Brotman Baty Data Visualization Center has developed data atlases, particularly powerful new tools for visualizing complex datasets. These data atlases use the most modern techniques for web design to interactively render millions of points in real time.

To learn more about the data atlases produced using this technology, please visit the Fred Hutch / Brotman Baty Data Visualization Center's project page.

scientific visualization
Over four million single cells from The Brotman Baty Human Cell Atlas of Fetal Gene Expression. Image by Michael Zager
Data Analysis Portal

New technologies that allow us to observe and measure the physical world in increasing detail drive many of the most powerful discoveries in modern science. These technological advances also propel advances in data analysis and high-performance computing resources. To help scientists apply their domain-specific analysis tools to large-scale datasets, the Hutch Data Core is working to provide a user-friendly, point-and-click interface for running reproducible workflows. 

Work in this area is ongoing, with an initial platform release planned in the second half of 2021 and updates to follow.

image of portal home page
The Fred Hutch | Brotman Baty Data Visualization Center's data analysis portal Image by Michael Zager
Data Visualization Portal

Transformation of raw data into human understanding is one of the most rewarding — yet challenging — aspects of scientific research. Researchers who develop the tools and methodologies that support this transformation are constantly innovating. To support the visualization tools created and used by Fred Hutch scientists, the Data Core has developed Carousel, a platform for hosting and sharing interactive datasets. Using the Carousel platform, scientists can upload and visualize their own datasets with pre-made apps, or even create their own apps with a flexible container-based visualization platform. 

The Carousel platform is currently in beta testing; please contact us if you have an interest in using this system for your own work.

Two million embryonic cells visualized in 3D.
Two million embryonic cells visualized in 3D. Image by Michael Zager
Automated Workflows

The Data Core facilitates investigators’ bioinformatic analysis by helping to make workflow management tools directly accessible to researchers. These tools help coordinate and streamline the computational steps needed to analyze large datasets.

Our support includes helping to run computational workflows on different computational resources, curation of pre-existing workflows for commonly used tasks, and assistance with the development of novel workflows.

flow chart
The cloud infrastructure for the Fred Hutch | Brotman Baty Data Visualization Center. Image by Michael Zager
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