Cutting-Edge Technique to Determine Molecular Structures

The Cryo-EM core is Fred Hutch’s newest shared resource. We aim to bring a new structural determination technique to support users seeking to solve difficult molecular structures at an ultrafine scale. Recent advances in cryo-EM technology and software algorithms have made it a compelling structural biology method for flexible proteins that resist visualization by other techniques.

We offer training in all steps of the cryo-EM process, from sample preparation to image processing. All users will be supported by experienced staff members and will be granted 24/7 access to the microscopes and sample preparation instruments after they have satisfied training requirements. Our instruments, training and services are available to both internal and external users.

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Sample Preparation

We train users to generate their own cryo-EM and negative-stain grids, as well as offering sample preparation services. Core staff members are available to troubleshoot challenges and offer guidance on experimental conditions.

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Data Collection and Processing

The core offers access to two transmission electron microscopes. We train users to collect and process their own high-resolution data, as well as offering data collection and processing services. Core staff members are also available to consult during project development.

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Our Team at Work

Our expert staff is available for training and consultation for new and experienced cryo-EM users alike. We provide services in sample preparation, data collection and data processing, and we aim to empower researchers seeking to generate and analyze their own structural data.


Cryo-TEM Scopes
We have two top-of-the-line cryogenic transmission electron microscopes.


Å Resolution
Our technologies can determine structures at close to one angstrom resolution.


Frames per Second
The K3 direct detector's maximum data-recording rate reaches 1500 frames per second.


A6000 GPUs
Our powerful processing units support on-the-fly drift correction and processing.

How to Reach Us

Caleigh Azumaya

Caleigh Azumaya, Ph.D.

Facility Manager, Electron Microscopy shared resource
Phone: 206.667.3176
Work Location: A3-205