Pathways to Equity Symposium

About the Pathways to Equity Symposium

Starting in 2017, the symposium’s original name was “Voices from the Community: Bridging Communities and Research” spearheaded by Dr. Beti Thompson and the staff from the Health Disparities Research Center and Center for Community Health Promotion. It was created after identifying the need to connect researchers with key information about working with diverse populations. The hope was to create a dialogue among researchers and communities about how to make connections by understanding the importance of mutually beneficial relationships in order to build a strong foundation for working with communities.

Over the years our annual Pathways to Equity Symposium has hosted various researchers and community champions to discuss important topics related to cancer health disparities. The Symposium provides a forum for us to learn about best practices, to dialogue, and to reflect on what we can do to address cancer health disparities in a more inclusive and equitable way.

Relevant Topics

Each year, we focus on topics affecting our most vulnerable communities, such as health disparities,  equity in cancer survivorship, equity in cancer research, building trust between medical centers, clinical trials, and minority communities, culturally tailored cancer-screening interventions, racial justice, health equity, & community engagement, and achieving indigenous health equity through policy and systems change. 

Strategy and Commitment

We strategize ways to strengthen the Cancer Consortium's presence and commit to building trust among communities most affected by cancer-related health disparities.

Community Representation

To ensure we represent the community, we ensure we include speakers from the community and let them educate our researchers on ideal ways to be culturally aware of how to approach underserved communities. 

Dr. Beti Thompson Awards

We highlight researchers and community members who work to advocate for equitable research and community health with the annual Beti Thompson Awards. 

Upcoming Events: Pathways to Equity Symposium details coming soon!