Current and Former Trainees

Predoctoral Trainees

Emma De Neef

Characterizing the immunology of SF3B1-mutant cancers

Mentor: Robert Bradley

Lucian DiPeso

Determining the mechanism of chromothripsis in micronuclei

Mentor: Emily Hatch

Postdoctoral Trainees

Tessa Arends

Consequences of satellite DNA mis-expression in FSHD

Mentor: Stephen Tapscott

Mark Guillotte

Dissecting the complexity of innate immune response to Helicobacter pylori

Mentor: Nina Salama

Kevin Kelly

Investigating a novel role for Atg8/LC3 in gene regulation

Mentor: Akhila Rajan

Andrew Kunihiro

Autoantibody-based early detection of small-cell lung cancer by immunoimaging

Mentor: Paul Lampe

Anna Mammel

The role of chromatin state in micronuclei stability and rupture

Mentor: Emily Hatch

Jeremy Schofield

Assessing the molecular determinants of transcriptional coactivator specificity at yeast promoters

Mentor: Steve Hahn

Former Trainees

  • Kelsey Lynch / Mentor: Daphne Avgousti / Investigating the impact of a viral histone-like protein on chormatin
  • Alyssa Webster / Mentor: Julian Simon / Investigating SIRT2 overexpression in acute myeloid leukemia as a potential therapeutic target