COVID-19 Immune Protection Study

Recruiting Healthy Adults for a COVID-19 Study

We are seeking healthy adults without current or past history of COVID-19 to take part in a research study. Volunteers will be paid to perform weekly home testing for COVID-19 and complete symptom questionnaires. Please consider joining our study to help us understand COVID-19 immunity.

Ayuda a combatir el COVID-19. Aprende más sobre nuestro estudio

Help Us to Better Understand COVID-19

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus known as (SARS)-CoV-2.  SARS stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome. While some individuals infected with the virus respond with no or mild symptoms, others develop respiratory symptoms and pneumonia that requires hospitalization and can be deadly. Our primary goal is to better understand how the immune system affects a person's response to the virus.

General Eligibility

  • Good general health
  • 40 to 64 years old
  • Able to participate for at least 6 months
  • Venous access sufficient to allow for protocol-required blood draws

Study Startup

  • Completion of secure online screening survey
  • Electronic consent meeting with a study team member
  • In-person enrollment blood draw visit

Participant Requirements

  • Provide blood samples at specified timepoints in the study timeline
  • Complete weekly electronic questionnaires
  • Self-collect and send in weekly nasal swabs and stool samples at specified timepoints
  • Provide additional samples if you develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19

Study Details

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Screening Questionnaire — Once an eligible screening questionnaire is submitted and reviewed, a member of the study team will reach out for a remote consent visit which will be completed via phone and/or video chat. The study overview, training and procedures will all be discussed at this time. If a participant continues to meet all entry criteria, they will sign an electronic consent form. Following this, participants will be set up for an enrollment blood draw and nasal swabs and stool swab kits will be shipped to them.

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Start of Study Visit — Participants who complete the screening period and continue to be eligible for the study will have a Start of Study or “Enrollment Visit” at a designated study clinical site or local walk-in clinic for a blood draw. A mobile phlebotomy service may be available to collect a blood sample at a participant’s home.

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Participant Tasks During the Study —  Enrolled participants will complete routine weekly electronic survey as well as self-collect nasal swabs that will be mailed to the laboratory for analysis. Nasal swab results will be made available to participants through secure online portal.

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COVID-19 Symptom Triggered Nasal Swab — If at any time during the study, a participant starts experiencing any COVID–19 related symptoms, the participant will be asked to complete and submit an electronic symptom questionnaire to the study team. Participant may be asked to collect symptom nasal swab from home and if results are negative, participant will resume routine weekly nasal swab and survey. 

If positive for SARS-CoV-2 based on a symptom-based swab or on a weekly swab, the participant will be notified by study team and will receive guidance on next steps. 

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Frequently Asked Questions — Read our frequently asked questions for more information about the COVID-19 Immune Protection Study.

Research Team

Michael Boeckh, M.D., Ph.D.

Michael Boeckh, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Fred Hutch

Dr. Michael Boeckh is an expert in respiratory viral infections that affect individuals with healthy and weakened immune systems. His research focuses on the epidemiology, diagnostic, risk factors and immunologic control of viral infections, as well as prevention and treatment strategies. 

Shane Crotty, Ph.D.

Shane Crotty, Ph.D.

Professor, LaJolla Institute for immunology

Dr. Shane Crotty is an expert in viral infections and immune responses. His research focuses on immune responses to COVID-19 and understanding vaccines.  

Alpana Waghmare, M.D.

Alpana Waghmare, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Fred Hutch

Dr. Alpana Waghmare is an infectious diseases physician and researcher. She studies respiratory viral infections in adults and children, including viral and host risk factors for severe disease. 

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The study is sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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