Nirasha Ramchurren, Ph.D.

Dr. Nirasha Ramchurren Ph.D.
Staff Scientist

Nirasha Ramchurren, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutch

Mail Stop: T1 103E


Rutgers University, 1991, Ph.D. (Nutrition)

Natal Medical School, 1985, M.S. Med Sci (Physiology)

University of Durban Westville, 1983, B.S. Hons (Physiology)

Research Interests

Correlative Sciences Project Manager for CITN (Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network). Review and ensure Biomarker studies are performed in accordance with Clinical Trial Protocols. Identify and perform correlative assays that the CITN Central Immune Monitoring Lab could implement to evaluate patient response to Immunotherapy. Establish collaborations based on correlative assays that could differentiate responders from non-responders. Work closely with CITN PIs and collaborators for approval, performance and integration of their planned and/or requested Correlative Studies based on sample availability in the Biorepository, feasibility of the assay, availability of funds and other criteria. Perform data analyses and integrate results into database systems.

Current Projects

CITN-07: CyTOF data discussion and coordination with Evan Newell at the Hutch and Nina Bhardwaj at Mt Sinai, NY; Data analyses with Greg Finak at Ozette Technologies

CITN-09: CyTOF coordination with Heeju Ryu and Evan Newell; CITEseq with Thomas Pulliam in the Nghiem lab

CITN-10: Dr Kikkeri Naresh on board with all aspects of the CITN-10 study – meetings and sharing of images/data; Olink data analysis with Dr Youyi Fong; GEP analysis of Merck generated RCC files by nSolver; Plasma proteome analysis with Mandy Paulovich, Image analyses by Enable Medicine

CITN-12: GEP of PBMCs with Tom Uldrick and Jamie Guenthoer

CITN-13: nSolver analysis of GEP data from the IO360 and Signaling panels; Olink data analysis with Youyi Fong; Olink proteome analysis using Insights statistical analysis package; Plasma proteome analysis with Mandy Paulovich, Targeted sequencing with Michael Khodadoust at Stanford; CyTOF with Evan Newell and David Glass

CITN-17: Helped with writing of the Lab Draw Schedule