Acute Effects of Exercise on Breast Cancer Biomarkers

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The Acute Effects of Exercise on Breast Cancer Biomarkers (ACE Study) will test the effect of one 45-minute bout of moderate intensity exercise on cancer risk factors in healthy women.  If we find that acute exercise (that is, short term bouts of exercise) significantly alters these biomarkers, it could help support guidelines for daily exercise for breast cancer prevention and could indicate that exercise even without weight loss is beneficial. The study is funded by Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Screening and Introduction to Study

Participants must be able to visit our exercise center for two clinic visits at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Prevention Center at South Lake Union. Interested women will be asked to fill out a survey either online or over the telephone to see if they are suitable for the study. Women who qualify will be scheduled for two study visits. On the first visit, participants will answer questions about their medical history and general health habits, have a brief physical exam, and an exercise test to see if they are able to tolerate moderate exercise and check for general fitness. Once eligibility is determined based on the first visit tests, participants are randomly assigned to a group, and will be invited for the second clinic visit.

Eligible Participants Will:

Be Assigned to an Exercise or Resting Group

  • 45-minute bout of exercise, supervised by an exercise physiologist, or
  • 45-minute resting control period.

Provide Blood Samples

  • Before and after the exercise bout or resting control period, we will collect blood samples.

You may be eligible if you fit these criteria:

  • Female, between the ages of 18 and 75 years
  • Not using hormones in past 3 months (for example, estrogen, Premarin, Estrace, Ogen or any birth control pills)
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • In good health
  • No history of cancer (skin cancer that is not melanoma is okay)
  • Do not have diabetes and do not take medications used to treat diabetes (such as metformin)
  • Do not smoke

Participation Benefits & Incentives

  • All study participants will receive information about their study tests results, such as measures of blood pressure, glucose level and tests of fitness.
  • Participants who give blood samples before and after the exercise bout or resting control period will receive $25. 

Interested? Fill out our online survey to get started.

Study Team

Anne McTiernan, M.D., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator for ACE Study

Catherine Duggan, Ph.D.

Co-Principal Investigator for ACE Study

Jude Warner

Project Manager

Matthew VanDoren

Exercise Physiologist at the Prevention Center

Chelsea Walter

Physician Assistant

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