Food Biomarker Study

Join us in a study of the urine- and blood- based markers of certain foods.

The Food Biomarkers Study (FBS) is a research project to help scientists learn how markers of consuming certain protein foods appear in blood and urine.

The study involves three, 9-day study food periods where we provide participants with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack to eat each day. In each of the three periods the protein will mostly come from beef and pinto beans. The amounts of these protein foods vary over each menu period. For example, in one menu period the participant might have only beef, in another period both beef and pinto beans, and in another period only pinto beans. These protein sources are provided as part of healthy, balanced meals.

All meals and snacks are provided by the study at NO COST to participants. See sample menu. Between the three periods, participants eat their usual diet for approximately 7 days.

image of beef tacos
image of bowl of pinto beans

Study Activities

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Participants are asked to visit the Fred Hutch’s campus at South Lake Union 16 times during the study. Most participants complete the study within 3 months.

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Blood draws, urine and stool collections, and questionnaires will be completed multiple times.

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During the 8-week study, participants attend two, 9-hour visits on-site at the Fred Hutch. During these visits, participants eat a study food, and blood and urine samples are collected at specific times to see how the body responds to the food.

Participants receive $1,000 for completing all study activities.

To see if you are eligible, please complete the on-line screener.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Marian Neuhouser

Marian Neuhouser, Ph.D., R.D.

Prinicipal Investigator, Food Biomarker Study
Program Head, Cancer Prevention Program, Public Health Sciences Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Dr. Johanna Lampe

Johanna Lampe, Ph.D., R.D.

Principal Investigator, Food Biomarker Study
Associate Director, Public Health Sciences Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

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