Clinical Trials & Studies

Accelerating Treatment for Cancer and Other Life-Threatening Diseases

Through clinical trials, patients gain access to promising new treatments. Every advance in cancer treatment has resulted from clinical trials. For example, bone marrow transplantation, which is considered the most important advancement in cancer treatment of the last quarter century started right here at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

Clinical trials and volunteer studies are a vital and critical component of disease research. Through these clinical trials, Fred Hutch researchers make discoveries that lead to new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose or treat diseases.

Research Cyrus Ghajar in his lab

Faculty & Labs

Learn about the hundreds of faculty at Fred Hutch and their groundbreaking research — all of it aimed at eliminating cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death. 

nurse practitioner with a patient in the clinic

Patient Care

Many patients choose Fred Hutch because we are on the leading edge of cancer research, so we can offer you the option to take part in clinical trials that match your situation.

Dr. Rachel Isaaka


Fred Hutch has hundreds of physicians dedicated to the highest-quality patient care, and many of them are known around the world for their contribution to cancer research.

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