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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Shared Resources is a centerpiece of the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium, a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center. We are available to partner with researchers in the broader academic and biotechnology community, as well as with scientists at Fred Hutch, the University of Washington, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Seattle Children’s.

We are proud to support the basic, translational and clinical research of scientists and scientific organizations around the country through our advanced scientific services, unrivaled expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Our 14 core facilities provide a wide range of specialized services such as data science, comparative medicine and good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacturing of stem cell products for clinical trials.

Flow Laser
Inside one of the multi-laser flow cytometers in our Flow Cytometry core facility, which offers top-of-the-line services in cell analysis and sorting. Image by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch

Why Partner With Fred Hutch Shared Resources

By partnering with us, your team benefits from:

  • Expert, collaborative staff focused on your project’s success
  • World-class technologies and services, including early access to new technologies and customized tests and software
  • The seamless integration of services across the research pipeline and throughout all phases of research from experimental planning and regulatory compliance through data analysis
  • Our track record of supporting and collaborating with researchers who are pushing the limits of existing technology or creating entirely new methodologies

Leica Center of Excellence

Leica Microsystems and Fred Hutch collaborated to establish the first Leica Center of Excellence (Leica CoE) in the pacific northwest. The Leica CoE is an exciting non-exclusive collaboration that provides Fred Hutch with a lot of additional Leica-based service and support, access to Leica’s newest technologies, as well as increased training and access to engineers for troubleshooting and customization. In return for this, we commit interest/engagement from the Fred Hutch scientific community and a certain level of purchase requirement (which does not preclude us from purchasing equipment from other vendors). Fred Hutch has an opportunity to expand its reputation within the cell biology and microscopy communities, while driving innovation in the field through valuable feedback and collaboration.

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Leica Microsystems

Contact Us

To pursue a partnership with a specific core facility, visit the core’s site to contact its staff directly. 

To discuss which of our core facilities could best serve your needs, or to discuss a broader partnership with Fred Hutch Shared Resources, fill out this contact form for our leadership team.

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