Climb to Fight Cancer turns 20

Climb to Fight Cancer turns 20

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climber on Mt. Baker
climbers at summit of Mt. Baker with "Climb to Fight Cancer" sign
climber on Mt. Baker
group of climbers in van
climbers on Mt. Hood
snowy Mt. Hood
cheering Mt. Hood climb team with sign
group of celebrating climbers on Mt. Rainier
2 climbers walking on mountain snowfield
2 tents on Mt. Shasta
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Climb a mountain. Save a life.

Every summer since 1997, ordinary people have come together to stand on top of the world’s tallest peaks — all to find cures for cancer. Over the 20-year history of Climb to Fight Cancer, this Mt. Baker adventurer and more than 1,000 other climbers have raised over $8.3 million for research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. 

Photo courtesy of Dylan Cembalski


These climbers willed each other to the top of Mt. Baker — and to new heights of fundraising, including $25,000+ raised by a team of colleagues from AT&T. Funds raised through Climb to Fight Cancer help accelerate discoveries at Fred Hutch, supporting research that is promising but still too early stage to be funded with federal grants. 

Photo courtesy of Dylan Cembalski


The views from Pacific Northwest mountains can’t be beat: Endless summer sunshine greets climbers each morning and spectacular sunsets wish them sweet dreams every night. With support for fundraising and professional guide services leading each climb, extraordinary views like this are open to first-time climbers and experienced mountaineers.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Cembalski


With so many new friends from across the U.S. to meet and new skills to learn, who wouldn’t be smiling this big? (The prospect of a glorious evening at historic Silcox Hut on Mt. Hood helps, too.) 

Photo courtesy of Kate Roll


Reaching the summit of Mt. Hood was a great accomplishment, but at sunrise and under the moonlight? Downright amazing.

For passionate cure-starters and intrepid adventurers, Climb to Fight Cancer is an introduction to worlds unlike any other.

Photo courtesy of Kate Roll


Although record snowfall in the Pacific Northwest provided perfect training options, our late summer expeditions, such as this Mt. Hood climb, saw some difficult conditions. Each team’s professional guides provide physical training and conditioning recommendations to get climbers ready for the challenge — and focus on keeping climbers safe on the peak.

Photo courtesy of Kate Roll


Even when the weather did not cooperate and teams did not reach the summit, smiles still stretched across the faces of climbers like those in this Mt. Hood group.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Carlson / Fred Hutch


Our Mt. Rainier teams this year included high school students, first time adventurers from across the United States and this group of Fred Hutch employees. They ascended more than 9,000 feet over three days to stand on the top of Washington state on the most coveted mountain summit in the lower 48. 

Photo courtesy of Paulson Paulrajan


There is a sense of solitude on mountains that can’t be found anywhere else.  

Photo courtesy of Michelle Miller

Join us

Ascend the world’s most breathtaking mountains in honor of those who have faced cancer, and partner with Fred Hutch scientists to save lives. Registration is now open for our 2018 season. Learn more at the Climb to Fight Cancer website or the Climb to Fight blog.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Miller