Wenying Shou joins Basic Sciences Division faculty

Dr. Wenying Shou, who studies interactive components of biological systems related to time, space and functional organization, recently joined the faculty of the Basic Sciences Division.

Shou, formerly at Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, quantitatively studies cooperative systems using yeast. She hopes to track changes that occur during the evolution of cooperation and to mathematically understand how changes in cooperating partners lead to a change in the behavior of the cooperative system.

Shared research interests

"Wenying's work is novel, imaginative and brings new directions to the Basic Sciences Division," said Dr. Maxine Linial, who led the faculty search. "Since she uses yeast as her model system, she shares research interests with other members of the division. Wenying is also very interactive and will make enormous intellectual contributions to the Center. We are really excited to have recruited her."

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