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WebVPN provides free remote access

IT offers new route to out-of-office access of the Center's network

Have you ever checked your Hutchinson Center e-mail from the Web? If so, you've already used one of several options for remote access to help you work more efficiently.

Now Information Technology has added a new option that provides full network access, is faster than dial-up access, and is free — WebVPN.

IT also offers several other ways for remote access: Software VPN (virtual private network), Hardware VPN, free dial-up, paid dial-up and Web e-mail.

For casual users, WebVPN provides the most benefits with the least drawbacks. Simply use a secured computer with Internet connection (high speed preferred) and point your Web browser to Follow the instruction and enter your Hutch NetID when prompted. The service is free and more than capable of handling normal network file access and Microsoft Office applications. However, WebVPN does not support Mac OSX and Linux at this time. For more about remote access and detailed instruction on WebVPN, search for the words "remote access"or "WebVPN" on the Center Web site at

It is important that you obtain your manager's explicit permission before using any remote access provided by IT. In addition, employees and affiliates outside of Administration or the Clinical Research Division must contact their local system administrator to set up a WebVPN account. Managers should refer to the telecommuting policy before making the decision. A copy can be requested from Human Resources.

Remote access pros and cons at a glance

Remote Access Option Pros Cons
WebVPN • Free
• Ease of use
• Faster than dial-up
• Full network access
• Slower than other VPNs
• Windows 200 and XP only
• No Linux or Mac OSX support
• Internet service provider (ISP required)
(free dial-up)
• Free
• Ease of use
• No ISP required
• Slow
• Limited availability
(paid dial-up)
• Ease of use
• No ISP required
• Slow
• Cost: $10/monthly
Web E-mail • Free
• Ease of use
• E-mail access only
• ISP required
Software VPN • Fast connection
• Full network access
• Complex installation & support required
• Cost: $10/month
• ISP required
Hardware VPN • Always "on" & fast connection
• Full network access
• Cost: $200 set-up + $50/month
• ISP required

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Last Modified, September 21, 2021