Center ranks third in nation for best places to work in academia

Fred Hutchinson is among the top three places to work in academia in the United States, according to a new survey published in the Nov. 8 issue of The Scientist.

The rankings were based on responses from 1,456 scientists from the U.S., Canada and Europe to a Web-based questionnaire. Respondents were asked to assess their working conditions and environments in eight different areas, including research resources, benefits, teaching and mentoring, pay, tenure and others.

The journal ranked 66 institutions from the United States and 25 from Canada and Europe. Each factor was weighted according to the number of respondents who considered it important. The overall rankings were based on an average score per institution from all respondents on all factors weighted according to their regional importance. Among U.S. academic institutions, only the California Institute of Technology and Purdue University ranked higher than the center.

Some of the criteria considered most important to scientists in both the United States and abroad who were surveyed included:

  • My institution provides adequate laboratory and research facilities for me and my coworkers
  • I maintain good working relationships with my peers
  • My institution provides an adequate research funding package for new faculty members
  • My institution has the resources to supply basic research infrastructure needs not covered by grants
  • My institution fosters collaboration among faculty

Among U.S. scientists only, important criteria included:

  • My institution provides adequate health coverage for my family and me
  • The tenure review process has been applied fairly to different faculty members
  • The tenure system at my institution is clearly laid out for the faculty
  • The criteria laid out are/were applied throughout the tenure process
  • I believe the pay at my institution is fair and competitive

To read more about the survey, visit The Scientist's Web site at

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