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Don Listwin presents largest gift in center history

Don Listwin, chief executive officer of Openwave Systems, Inc. and head of the Listwin Family Foundation, presented a $10 milllion pledge check to Dr. Lee Hartwell, center president and director, at the Hutch Holiday Gala Board of Trustees meeting on April 22. Listwin's gift — the largest in Fred Hutchinson's history — will support the center's Early Detection and Intervention Initiative, which seeks new methods and technologies for diagnosing cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages. The initiative will also provide strategies to prevent cancer in people at high risk.

Last Thursday, Dawn Stephens, Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild president, presented a check for $3.1 million to Hutch School teacher Anna White. The check, representing net proceeds from the 2003 gala, supports the Hutch School and research in human biology, breast cancer, prostate cancer, pediatric oncology and other areas.

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