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Ten of world's most highly cited authors work here

Ten Fred Hutchinson researchers are authors of the most highly cited scientific papers between 1981 and 1999, according to a survey by is an Internet-based, free-access product that collects the work of the world's most cited and influential researchers. The selection of a researcher is based on the total number of citations the individual received within a given scientific category as recorded in the ISI database between 1981-1999.

Researchers at the center, and the subjects in which they were highly cited, identified in the survey are Drs. Ross Prentice (mathematics) and Stephen Schwartz (clinical medicine) of the Public Health Sciences Division and Drs. Fred Appelbaum (clinical medicine), Joachim Deeg (clinical medicine), John Hansen (clinical medicine), Jean Sanders (clinical medicine), Rainer Storb (clinical medicine), E. Donnall Thomas (clinical medicine), Jeffrey Vieira (molecular biology and genetics) and Robert Witherspoon (clinical medicine) of the Clinical Research Division. Prentice was the only investigator named in the mathematics category who works at a cancer center.

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