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Storb receives award for transplantation research

Dr. Rainer Storb received an honorary award from the American Association for Cancer Research for research accomplishments in transplantation biology that have defined and improved treatment and increased long-term survival of cancer patients.

Storb, an investigator in the Clinical Research Division, will accept the award and deliver a lecture at the AACR annual meeting in New Orleans in March.

The Joseph H. Burchenal Clinical Research Award is awarded each year to a scientist who has made outstanding achievements in clinical cancer research and is named for a leader in the field of cancer chemotherapy.

Storb, who heads the Transplantation Biology Program and is a professor of medicine at the University of Washington, has been a leader in the development of bone-marrow transplantation as successful therapy for leukemia and other blood disorders.

His research focuses on developing novel transplant procedures that minimize the use of radiation and chemotherapy. Such so-called "mini-transplants" often can be performed without hospitalization.

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