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Miller, Riddell play key roles in UW gene therapy project

Hutch scientists will be an important part of a $12.8 million project at the University of Washington to develop a Program of Excellence in Gene Therapy.

The five-year grant was awarded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health. It will support research on both present and future uses of gene therapy.

Dr. Dusty Miller, an investigator in the Human Biology Division and an affiliate professor of pathology at UW, will co-direct a project to develop gene-therapy techniques for cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening disease that causes lung and digestive complications and is the most common genetic defect of its severity in the United States.

Dr. Stanley Riddell, a scientist in the Clinical Research Division and a UW professor of medicine, will direct a gene-therapy trial to reduce incidence of graft-vs.-host disease, a complication of bone-marrow transplantation.

Other components of the program include basic research to explore stem-cell gene therapy, gene therapy for the blood disorders sickle-cell anemia and thalessemia.

In addition, an educational component will offer a gene-therapy training program for postdoctoral researchers.

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