Annual Report 2013



With your help, Fred Hutch is focused on eliminating cancer and other diseases

The theme of our annual report this year, Ending Cancer Together, is a distillation of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's core strategy. Since our inception, we have been focused on eliminating cancer and related diseases as causes of suffering and death through the concerted work of a diverse and dedicated community.

Dr. E. Donnall Thomas knew the necessity of this collaborative approach. Don, who passed away in October 2012, will forever be remembered as the father of bone marrow transplantation because of his resolute efforts to establish the treatment as a cure for leukemia and other blood diseases. But he did not succeed alone — something vividly evident when we all gathered last fall with his wife, Dottie, their children, and so many of his friends and colleagues to celebrate his life and his accomplishments. Don's achievements, which have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, were born of his gift for bringing exceptional people together and inspiring them all to pursue the singular goal of making bone marrow transplantation (BMT) into a lifesaving medical therapy. BMT was and still is, in my opinion, medicine’s most complex procedure. The procedure requires a wide variety of skills from laboratory scientists to incredibly skilled nurses, pharmacists and caretakers — all orchestrated into the interrelated efforts of curing leukemia and lymphoma.

Don gave us a model for selfless, focused teamwork which everyone affiliated with Fred Hutch follows to this day. Every researcher and staff member who strives for the next breakthrough and every benefactor, study participant, volunteer, and corporate and community partner who supports their research shares in that legacy. This report highlights just a handful of the many collaborations that sustain Fred Hutch's efforts to end cancer.

I extend my gratitude to all whose contributions and energy enable us to continue pioneering better care for patients. The generosity of our benefactors and volunteers, the fortitude of our patients and families, and the audacity of our researchers never fail, and they never fail to inspire me. I look forward with great anticipation to another year of enduring partnerships and new connections that will only enhance Fred Hutch's ability to improve human health and save lives.

Larry Corey