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Groh wins $300,000 for lupus research

Dr. Veronika Groh and colleagues find data indicating that a novel subset of immune-system cells may be deficient in active lupus

April 13, 2009

Dr. Veronika Groh, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Clinical Research Division, is the recipient of a three-year, $100,000 per year grant from the Lupus Research Institute. The grant will fund the study of a novel immunosuppressive CD4 T-cell subset in lupus patients.

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Shedding secrets

Thomas Spies, colleagues identify ERp5 protein as critical to the shedding of tumor cell distress signals that would activate immunity

July 1, 2007 | By JOEL DAHMS

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Evasive action revealed

Spies Lab study finds tumors can manipulate the immune system to block the body's natural disease-fighting ability

July 20, 2006 | By BARBARA BERG

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Cancer protection from within

Spies lab studies on dendritic cells, primed with MICA protein antibodies, could lead to new anti-tumor vaccines, other immune-based therapies

June 2, 2005 | By BARBARA BERG

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