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New technological platform opens unexplored world of tiny proteins

'Cystine-dense peptides' largely untapped source of new therapeutics for tough diseases

Feb. 26, 2018 | by Susan Keown / Fred Hutch News Service

A new high-throughput system allows scientists to produce tiny, targeted proteins that are a promising source of new drugs to treat difficult cancers.

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‘Outrageous experience’: Researchers recall pioneering experiments on Soviet space station

Drs. Roland Strong and Barry Stoddard were part of the first U.S. group to launch scientific experiments 25 years ago on the Soviet space station

Dec. 18, 2014 | By Susan Keown / Fred Hutch News Service

Twenty-five years ago this month, Barry Stoddard, Roland Strong and their team members working with the U.S. company Payload Systems, Inc., launched the first-ever commercial American cargo up to the Soviet space station Mir, an event that gained global attention.

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Strong team: Stopping the invasion of the iron snatchers

Findings may help foil anthrax and common bacteria's strategies for evading the body's defenses


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