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Good News at Fred Hutch

Celebrating faculty and staff achievements

May 4, 2017

First extensive immune profiling of sarcomas shows some types may be susceptible to immunotherapy; Fred Hutch hosts first-of-its-kind regional conference for science communicators; and Pathway that regulates organ size may also underlie tumors’ resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs.

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Pancreatic tumors under pressure

The blood vessel-crushing, chemo-blocking pressure inside pancreatic tumors is almost entirely due to water trapped in gel form, study shows

May 10, 2016 | By Sabrina Richards / Fred Hutch News Service

The blood vessel-crushing, chemo-blocking pressure inside pancreatic tumors is almost entirely due to water trapped in gel form, a new study shows.

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Cancer deaths drop overall, but now top cause in many states

Early detection, better treatments contributed to 23 percent decline in two decades, report shows

Jan. 7, 2016 | By Bill Briggs / Fred Hutch News Service

Heightened health habits and better medicine are curbing cancer’s killing force in America as the nation’s death rate from all malignancies dropped 23 percent during the past two decades, a new analysis shows. But declining rates of heart disease have made cancer the top cause of death in 21 states.

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Immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer boosts survival more than 75 percent in mice, study finds

Therapy using engineered immune cells offers promise for the ‘disease that desperately needs something new’

Oct. 29, 2015 | By Dr. Rachel Tompa / Fred Hutch News Service

A certain type of immunotherapy can boost survival from the nearly-always deadly pancreatic cancer by more than 75 percent in mice, a new study finds.

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New treatment doubles progression-free survival in some pancreatic cancer patients

Enzyme lowers pressure inside tumors, allows chemotherapy in

May 29, 2015 | By Susan Keown / Fred Hutch News Service

Combining chemotherapy with an experimental enzyme that lowers pressure within tumors seems to double the amount of time certain patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer have before their disease progresses, suggests an interim analysis of data from an ongoing phase 2 trial led by Dr. Sunil Hingorani and colleagues at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

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Researchers discover tumor molecule that causes spread of pancreatic cancer

Testing could help guide treatment

May 21, 2015 | By Susan Keown / Fred Hutch News Service

Fred Hutch researchers have found that a tumor molecule called RUNX3 acts like a traffic cop of sorts, determining whether pancreatic cancer cells will spread, or metastasize, to distant parts of the body or whether they will stay put. They published their discovery today in the journal Cell.

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