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Exercise curbs risk of 13 cancers

New multinational study of nearly 1.5 million participants says ‘just do it’ (but don’t forget the sunscreen!)

May 16, 2016 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

A new study involving nearly 1.5 million participants has found that exercise is associated with lower risk in a substantial number of cancers, bolstering previous evidence of exercise’s role in cancer risk reduction.

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Carcinogens on tap

Far away from Flint, cancer-causing agents also taint drinking water, elevating lifetime risk

April 14, 2016 | By Bill Briggs / Fred Hutch News Service

Lead-laced water has endangered Flint residents and saturated presidential politics, but another frightening family of toxins fouls U.S. drinking water: carcinogens

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Fred Hutch, UW biostatistics ‘giant’ Norman Breslow dies

World-renowned public health researcher saved lives, inspired young scientists

Dec. 21, 2015 | By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service

World-renowned biostatistician Dr. Norm Breslow, who spent more than 40 years at Fred Hutch, died December 9. Colleagues pay tribute to the mentor, mountaineer and major public health force.

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What's your cancer color?

There’s a cascade of cancer-awareness colors, but how do they get decided and do they divide or unite?

Dec. 10, 2015 | By Bill Briggs / Fred Hutch News Service

There are nearly 30 colors for different types of cancer. Many people wear their cancer colors proudly, but others fear the many colors represent unneeded divisions.

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