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Engineering vaccine-like protection without a vaccine

CRISPR gene-editing used on antibody-making B cells

May 17, 2019 | By Sabin Russell / Fred Hutch News Service

A Hutch team led by Dr. Justin Taylor shows that B cells, which are crucial components of the immune system, can be genetically engineered to make exactly the antibodies we want. It could lead to a potentially more precise and dependable way to generate protection without vaccines.

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Antimicrobial stewardship preserves a ‘shared resource’

Gains in cancer survival at risk due to surge in multi-drug resistant superbugs

May 4, 2017 | By Mary Engel / Fred Hutch News Service

Antibiotics and other antimicrobials are unique among medications, a “shared resource” that we need to preserve, much as we steward our environment and natural resources, says Fred Hutch clinician-infectious disease researcher Dr. Catherine Liu. Overuse or misuse can lead to drug-resistant bugs that can then spread to new hosts and in some cases even spread their resistance genes to different microorganisms, posing a risk to society at large.

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‘The miracle was you got to see some part of that person’s life’

25 years after his death, infectious disease expert Dr. Joel Meyers honored at inaugural symposium in his name

June 7, 2016 | By Rachel Tompa / Fred Hutch News Service

What was once a one-person research program started by Dr. Joel Meyers in the mid-70s at Fred Hutch has now grown into the world’s largest group of infectious disease researchers at any cancer center. Today, these researchers study not only infections in cancer patients, but HIV, malaria, viruses that themselves cause cancer, and many more. Meyers' legacy will be honored next week at an inaugural symposium in his name.

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