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Lgl1: a polarizing player in brain development

From the Vasioukhin and Cooper Labs, Basic Sciences and Human Biology Divisions
Science Spotlight - July 17, 2017

Cell biologist Beronja joins Fred Hutch faculty

Slobodan Beronja’s Human Biology Division lab uses skin as a model system for understanding cancer development
Hutch News - May 02, 2013

New squamous cell carcinoma drug target discovered

Vasioukhin and colleagues find alpha-catenin protein acts as a tumor suppressor, cell growth control mechanism revealed
Hutch News - May 30, 2011

Inhibiting cancer's spread

Human Biology Division study reveals protein that drives metastasis of prostate cancer, yields insight into potential therapies to block spread
Hutch News - September 02, 2004

Brain-cancer clues from mice

Vasioukhin lab study identifies mouse gene necessary for normal brain development whose human counterpart may be linked to childhood brain cancer
Hutch News - April 01, 2004
Last Modified, August 15, 2019