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Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division

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Drs. Peter Gilbert and Ying Q. Chen discuss statistics from recent epidemiology studies.

Photo by Robert Hood / Fred Hutch News Service

Leadership / Administration

Peter Gilbert, PhD
Program Head

Raphael Gottardo, PhD
Associate Program Head

Angie Schroeder
Director, Program Operations
(206) 667-7503

Executive Assistants

Rebecca Allen
(Betz Halloran)
(206) 667-7754

Jill Anderson
(Peter Gilbert and Elizabeth Brown)
(206) 667-6699

Lindsey Mwoga
(Raphael Gottardo)
(206) 667-5038

Thea Swanson
(Deborah Donnell and Ollivier Hyrien)
(206) 667-4084



Administrative Coordinators

Chris Jeffries
(206) 667-5331