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Community Engagement

HIV Awareness Day 2015

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2015

Photo By Adam Michael Waldo

Community engagement and education

Seattle VTU believes that a well-informed community leads to better research because an educated community will be more aware of HIV and vaccine research; and therefore, more likely to support our efforts by volunteerism, whether as a study participant, community advisory board member, or community partner and advocate. Essential components of our multi-faceted approach to community engagement and education include:

  • TRANSPARENCY: Identify, cultivate and sustain meaningful relationships with community partners to create an environment of trust and mutual understanding of research issues to ensure that cultural values are respected.
  • INTERSECTIONALITY: Community engagement that adopts a comprehensive, culturally-responsive approach that aligns HIV/AIDS awareness and education with other salient wellness, health and social concerns that affect impacted communities.
  • RECIPROCITY: Collaboration and service with our community partners and advocates to facilitate multicultural perspectives with community education.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Seattle VTU staff and CAB members reflect diverse communities with whom we engage.

Seattle VTU works closely with our Community Advisory Board (CAB) and our community partners and advocates for a collective, community-wide response to HIV/AIDS.

If you are in the Seattle area and would like to have a presentation done at your organization, community group, or school please contact call  (206) 667-2300 or email us at .