Seattle Vaccine Trials Unit


In 2004, Seattle Vaccine Trials Unit (VTU) formed a partnership with a local advertising agency, Foote Cone & Belding, to create two social media campaigns for HIV & AIDS awareness and the promotion of HIV vaccine research.

Advertisements of an inaugural campaign "Help Fight HIV" were developed as an individual’s response to HIV by depicting diverse community members fighting HIV. Action-oriented images convey the power of a singular force against HIV which parallels that of volunteers in HIV vaccine clinical trials.

The second campaign was launched in 2007 which consisted of groups of people coming together to fight HIV. The images of a boot, a hammer, and a spray can were composed of community supporters, staff members and actual volunteers in HIV vaccine clinical trials. These individuals represented the collective force that powers research and science. The photo shoot was televised as a feature story on a local news station. Read about us on KOMO TV's website.

By 2009, Seattle VTU’s extraordinary outreach team had strengthened their relationships with local community partners who support HIV vaccine research, which allowed the outreach team to have a supportive presence at many community events and local businesses.

Eventually, the team was associated with its free give-aways that promoted our site --- particularly, our rubber ducks, which inspired the campaign, “Give A Duck & Take Action Now,” designed by a local designer, Wilmer Galindo. This colorful campaign illustrates the playful energy of members of our outreach team that inspire hope for community members to take action.

Will you join us as we move one step closer to ending this epidemic once and for all?  Become a community volunteer or enroll in a study.