Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division


Ongoing microbiology research in VIDD focuses on understanding the complex interconnections between pathogenic microorganisms, the environment and the human host. The objective is to further our understanding of microbial pathogenesis, antiviral technologies, host-pathogen interactions, and preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic mechanisms for disease control.


Professor, Medicine, University of Washington
Adjunct Associate Professor, Microbiology, University of Washington
Director, Infectious Diseases Fellowship Training Program, University of Washington
Determining how changes in microbial communities impact human health; identifying, characterizing, and culturing microbes found in the human genital tract; and associating the reproductive tract microbiome with human disease. Developing molecular diagnostic tests to detect and identify pathogens in immunocompromised hosts such as cancer patients.
Phone: (206) 667-1935
Fax: (206) 667-4411
Professor, Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, and Epidemiology, University of Washington
Graduate Faculty, Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, and Epidemiology, University of Washington
Attending Physician, SCCA Infectious Disease Consulting Service, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Epidemiology, natural history, therapy, and prevention of HSV and other herpesvirus infections; interactions between HSV and HIV Vaccines and clinical trials
Phone: (206) 520-4340